Auf Wiedersehen Twenty Thirteen

You guys, less than two weeks until Will comes home.

Less. Than. Two. Weeks. I may be freakin’ out a little bit on the inside!

So, about our time in Germany and New Year’s Eve.

Will and I aren’t big planners but when we travel we like to have an idea of what we should see and do in a place and have a “top 3” list. But for Germany there was no plan; we were both just so happy to be together that we didn’t care that we didn’t make any plans.

I will admit that before leading up to Christmas I was a little frustrated that Will wasn’t coming to Edinburgh and I was the one who had to make the trek. It would have been so much easier if he came to me and it would have been nice to have him home for Christmas. But, honestly, I don’t think I could have let him leave again: not that it’s been any easier for me to be the one leaving! Saying goodbye either way has been hard for both of us. As soon as I got there I instantly knew we made the right call with me going to him. If he had come to Edinburgh there would have been so much to do and people to see that we would have spent waaaaay too much time and money trying to fit everything in. It would have been packed. Packed with good things like seeing friends, but packed none the less. With me in Tübingen we were able to have a nice lazy holiday! Something I know I was really craving.

Since Tübingen is so small, and I pretty much saw everything when I visited in November, there wasn’t much left to do. We cooked together a lot, I read all three Hunger Games books, we stayed up late, slept in late, went to a couple of pubs, watched movies, baked sugar cookies, took walks, and went on a day trip to Heidelberg (that’s for another post). It was a supremely lazy holiday!

For New Year’s Eve we met up with one of his friends at a local pub then went to another friend’s for dinner and fireworks. Now, my picture’s for fireworks don’t really do the whole experience justice because there were a ton of trees around, but hopefully the video will give you an idea as to how crazy the fireworks were! Seriously, there were fireworks going off all over the place! It was amazing!

Pretty cool, right?!

I’m such a fan of New Year’s Eve. I really do love it. And as I’m getting older I’m feeling more and more sentimental towards it. Maybe it was our being apart this year that has intensified these feelings but it feels like the one of the more important things Will and I do in our marriage. It’s simple, and almost implied that we’re together on this holiday (much like we should be for every holiday), but it means so much to me to make sure we’re together specifically for those last and first minutes.

It felt a little easier to breathe on this trip than on the last because we had so much time together. So much time to hold hands, tell stories, make future plans, and talk about the year we’ve just been through and plan for the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but 2013 was pretty good. Will passed his 1 year review boards for his PhD, I took on a new role at work, we started going to a new church, we both started to feel settled in Edinburgh, we officially have lived in our flat for longer than anywhere else we lived in together, we saw more of Scotland (and England), we saw more of Europe, we got to play host to our awesome friends and family who came to visit, we celebrated four wonderful years of marriage, Will got several reviews published (!!), I started a new decade (hello 30!), and we made new friends all while strengthening old friends here! Great, eh?!

And now, looking ahead onto 2014, there’s so much to look forward to!

Auf wiedersehen twenty thirteen! Hallo twenty fourteen!!


A Delayed Christmas

So, some of you know from my Facebook that I didn’t get to see Will on Christmas Eve (a lot of tears were shed). My first flight was delayed twice leaving me with a 5 minute layover. As soon as I could I ran to find my flight only to find out it had already left (more tears were shed). Then, KLM put me up in a hotel and gave me some flight vouchers (Merry Christmas to me!). While Will had to ride the train back to Tübingen alone that night.

So, Will and I both woke up alone Christmas morning (even more tears were shed). Not what we were both hoping for this Christmas.

But, we got up Christmas morning with a countdown in our heads: T minus 4 hours! We had a quick skype in the morning over breakfast and we both made our way to our respective airports (me to the Amsterdam aiport and him to Stuttgart’s airport). I picked up some Stroopwafels (Will LOVES these things!) and little ornament to remind ourselves of this Christmas. 

Seeing his face at the airport was pure beauty! I had missed him so much!

We had some time before the next Tübingen bus would arrive so we grabbed a snack and told each other what we got for Christmas. It was a bit anti-climactic (which is good for me because I’m not a gifts person) but we knew that going into this. I was only taking carry-on luggage and whatever I got him he’d have to bring it back six weeks later (just six more weeks!!!!!). But because Will IS a gifts person there were wrapped up chocolates he got from a chocolate festival waiting for me in his room. Yeah, I’m spoiled!

20131228-121412.jpgYesterday’s walk along the Neckar River in Tübingen, Germany

We had our big Christmas breakfast and our Christmas dinner the following day (Boxing Day) and enjoyed a wonderful walk throughout the city a the day after that (when the sun decided to come out).

Even though we lost a day I’m grateful that this happened on a trip where we had 11 days together and not one that we had just three days: that would have been absolutely horrible. And even though our Christmas was delayed a bit I’m grateful that we both have this chunk of time to spend together; which happens to feel both special and normal at the same time (??). I don’t know, this long distance thing is weird.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!