Darn You Canada!

First of all, Paris is awesome! I’m absolutely LOVING living here at the moment. I don’t speak a lick of French but I can put on a killer French accent! Will is sharing with me what he learns in class and it’s been great making a fool of myself at the market. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some pictures I took of our good friends Graham and Nathalie. And by now you should all know that if I’m devoting a whole post to friends then that means they’re leaving. Yep, Graham and Nathalie are moving back to Canada at the end of this month. They’re packing their bags and taking their precious ginger baby with them. Darn you Canada! Darn you! <raised fist>

Will knew Graham from New College and met Nathalie while she was joining Graham for lunch. I didn’t meet them until after our trip back home to Richmond where we met up while we all happened to be in London at the same time. I remember the first time we hung out in Edinburgh it felt too good to be true. It was one of those moments where I enjoyed myself so much that I had to pinch myself. I guess they had a good time too because they kept saying yes when I asked to hang out again. Yay! But seriously, they’ve been so easy to not just be around but easy to get to know; and easy to love!

Nathalie may hate me for posting this picture but I love it. I wish I could have a sound bite of how big and joyful her laugh is but I think this picture gives you an idea.  It’s one of the many many many things I love about her!

So, we’re adding this to the list of toughest goodbyes ever.

Goodbye Graham and Nathalie (and baby “Elib”)!  We love you so much and are going to really miss you. Until next time!

A Scottish Holiday: The Isle of Skye

A mere 5 hours after Kat left, Will and I were stuffing our packs into Gilly’s car to head over to Skye for the weekend. Now, it may have seemed like a good idea to have the two events back to back, but I’m really a 79 yr old woman in a 29 yr old’s body. I chalk it up to good genes (thanks momma!). So, needless to say, I struggled to get pumped in the beginning. BUT, grandma got there… after sleeping most of the way.

We drove by a castle I had been wanting to see for a while, Eliean Donan Castle, woke up to snap a couple of pix, went back to sleep just to wake up for lunch a bit later. Yeah, I get the award for best backseat buddy. We then made our way over to the Fairy Pools once we got onto Skye; but not before stopping by the Talisker Distillery for a quick taster!

On Saturday Will and I went back to the Talisker Distillery to get a tour.  We met back up with Gilly and Elizabeth to hike Old Man of Storr. Now, I was not looking forward to this hike for three reasons: a) it was raining b) the midges were out for blood and c) please refer to both a and b. Yeah, I was wearing my grumpy  boots… until I realized I was in MIDDLE EARTH!!!

And this is what we do in Middle Earth.

Sunday we went out to the western most part of Skye. But it was not photographed well because my camera got a bit of water in it and my phone died (double fail). But I did manage to catch this precious momma with her baby lamb (win!).

And that was Skye!

Will and I enjoyed ourselves. We think Skye is gorgeous and it was great spending time with Gilly and Elizabeth. We’re already thinking about next year’s trip!

You can read about last year’s trip here, here, and here.

A Scottish Holiday: Iona

Before we headed back to RVA Will, Gilly, and I set out to explore some of Scotland’s countryside. We packed ourselves into Gilly’s car to head northwest to Oban where we camped out on a friend’s brother’s front lawn. Our first morning we headed out to the ferry to get to Mull, to then take a bus to another ferry to then get us to our final destination… Iona! 

Three hours later we landed on Iona soil… and so had the rain. We ducked into every little shop we could until the rain finally let up and eventually stopped; allowing us to dry off some and really explore!

I couldn’t believe Scotland had white sands and clear blue water! So, we did a photo shoot to document our disbelief.

Yes, I know, we’re pretty cool.
And yes, I did get bangs (aka: fringe) the day before camping… hindsight is 20/20.
So, after documenting our awesomeness we headed back to the ferry. But, it was on this hike back is where Gilly proved himself useful to have around. Now, I’m loving living in a country where there are sheep everywhere. And by “everywhere” I mean,  E V E R Y W H E R E !!!! And I absolutely love it! Unfortunately Will and Gilly don’t share in this love, especially when I yell out “sheep!” every time I see one: every time. So, Gilly, in all his sheep-prowness literally snapped a baby lamb up so I could hold it!! Yes, I held a baby lamb! Check that one off of the bucket list!

Yes, it really happened! And now whenever I see a sheep or lamb I just sigh and reminisce <sigh>

The rest of the day was spent headed back to Oban, making dinner, and sleeping. It had been a long day but the next day was going to be longer… 5,000ft and 7hrs longer…

Café De Paris…. Part Deux

ok, so this is wwaaaaaaayyy over due but here is the photo shoot kat, stace, lez and i did after kat’s bridal shower back in may. yeah, that long ago. anyway, all of us love photo shoots so we try to do it as many times as possible. like, all the time.

i love us!