Parisian Summer (4/4)

Will Update: Will’s language classes have started up and he’s signed up for Ugaritic and another dead language class. He’s had a couple of dinners with his hall mates and they’re all lovely! It’s been a difficult first month since nothing’s really started until last week but life’s trucking along. He’ll be checking out a church this weekend so that will also help him find community and feel more a part of things there. 

The rest of our time in Paris was wonderful! More food (duh!), more holding hands, more looking up, and lots of taking it all in; I even went for a run!

We did start to feel rushed though. To feel like we had missed so many things to do in Paris and fit more sights and more food and more of everything into our time there but I think it was more that we were trying to cling to what we could about our time there. It was such a wonderful time. I want to go back. We both do.

Sunsets from Tour Montpenarsse, French onion soup, steak tar tar, the National Opera, Notre Dame, Printemps, The National Library, The Seine, Lovers Lock bridge, end of the month hang outs!

Paris has captured our hearts. We will be grateful for the time we’ve had. Not just in Paris, but also with our friends. They played a huge part in making our Parisian summer a great one. Between making meals together, having wine in the park, watching sunsets, meeting at cafes, and all of it, what made it the most special were our friends!

Also, I wrote a quick little guest post about visiting Edinburgh on her blog, Moxacity. You can check it out here! And then you can come visit me!

Oh, and here’s are Parisian flat! We were so lucky to get it cuz it’s lush! Right in the 2nd arrondissement and great for having friends over.
Note: doesn’t Will have great legs?!!!!!

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