Happy Weekending!


Happy Friday y’all!

Weekends are my time to catch up with Liam; and because Will works on the weekends I get Liam all to myself! We’ve gotten into a pretty balanced routine of running some errands, catching up with friends, and getting some good park time in. Right now our Saturday-go-to spot is Princes Street Gardens. It’s across the street from the shops, has a phenomenal view, and Liam and I can stroll through the Farmer’s Market on our way home for lunch and nap time!

Sundays are more chill. We have a slower start before spending our morning at church and then come home for lunch and a nap; then, if the weather’s nice, we’ll go to Harrison Park before dinner.  Of course there’s always the grocery shopping and cleaning and laundry that gets done on the weekends too, but I don’t like to focus too much on that ;)

Summers in Edinburgh don’t always guarantee perfect outdoor weather (cough understatement cough cough) but this summer has been impressing us! We’ve had some long stretches of glorious weather and the weekends have been consistently nice. Liam and I have been taking full advantage of it.

This weekend Will is heading up to Kirkcaldy to meet up with his supervisor so Liam and I might take a trip ourselves over to North Berwick. Or, we might go see what the Festival has to offer?! What do you guys have planned for the weekend?


Photos are from a weekend of parks, cafes, and markets with friends, back in May.


Münster, Germany

While Liam and I were visiting the Allens in Wuppertal last month we took a day trip up to Münster for their Saturday market. Now, you guys know I love a good market so I was very keen!

As soon as Liam and Eloise woke up from their morning naps we all packed up our things and hopped in the car. Once there, we strapped our kids up – Eloise in the stroller and Liam in the Ergo – and made our way to the market.

The market itself was great! They had flowers and meats and vegetables and honies. But, what I think was really cool about this market was the massive amount of food trucks they had. I love a good food truck!


After the market we parked ourselves at the Pinkus’ Müller for some lunch and a bit of a break. Afterwards, we slowly made our way back to the car to head back home.


I was hoping Liam would get sleepy and fall asleep in the Ergo for his afternoon nap. Nope. This boy had too much to see. This boy loves being outside and observing everything. I was so proud of how he did. However, the real star of the day was my back. It carried that boy like a boss AND didn’t even complain afterwards! Thank you, back :)

I really enjoyed walking around Münster. It’s a really beautiful city.

Fun fact: After the war the Old Town was rebuilt exactly as it looked before the war.

Fun fact numero dos: it’s the bicycle capital of Germany.

I think both of those things heavily contribute to the attractiveness of Münster. I would definitely go back if I lived closer… and try out every single food truck!

Wuppertal, Germany

Liam and I survived our mother-son trip to Germany last month!

I was really nervous about how Liam would sleep in a new place BUT Liam was a freakin’ super star and slept like a champ! Hallelujah!! It might help that Germany is only one time zone away. Still, thank you, Liam.

So, anyway, Germany was amazing! I had been wanting to visit Andrea and Garrick since they moved out there last year. Going when I did turned out to be great timing because it was their one year anniversary for living there; so I got to babysit and let them have a night out to celebrate. I had also been itching to do some travel and explore a new place or two and dust off the cobwebs on photography skills.

Andrea and Garrick, and Eloise, were amazing. With the face-to-face chat between us two new moms, Liam having toys and a buddy to play with – even though he made her cry more times than I’d like to admit, the warmer weather, doing our nails and applying face masks, Garrick’s baseball chat, and the Allen’s amazing hospitality, it was an amazing trip!

PC: Andreaimg_2209_zpse4bwayhgimg_2200_zpsr0pqkqtwimg_2228_zpslwqakbv5
PC: Andrea

I had so much fun hanging out with Andrea and Garrick (and Eloise!). This was a much needed trip for me and I was so glad to have been able to get some good quality time in with my friends :) I can’t wait until next time!


A Belfast Market And The Dark Hedges

Back in February Will and I went with some friends to Northern Ireland for a wedding. One of the days we spent in Belfast walking around and checking out an indoor market. We had been to Belfast before so it was nice to see something different. And you know me, I love a good market!

Of course we couldn’t NOT check out a bookstore ;)

The day of the wedding was when we went to the Dark Hedges. It was on the way and when better to take a picture in the middle of the road then when you’re in fancy dress?!

Those two women were so cute walking down the hedges: just gabbing away with their arms linked!

Glasgow. Take 1

Is there a place near where you live that you’d like to visit, and kind of feel like you should because it’s so close, but just haven’t? And people are shocked you haven’t been there yet because it’s just so close? Well, that’s Glasgow for me. It’s less than an hour on the train and it’s so cheap to get there. How has it taken me this long to check the place out?

Anyway, yeah, it’s taken me two years to get to Glasgow. I don’t know that much about it except that it’s larger than Edinburgh, has better shopping, it’s a grid (much like New York City), there are some really rough parts, the Glaswegian accent is incomprehensible, it has some of the most die-hard football (soccer) fans in the world, and it rains more. Yeah, you heard me, it rains more! That could be the reason why I haven’t tried to visit. But, when my friend Aya said she was running in a half marathon on Glasgow I thought this would be chance to go check out the big city on the west.

The three of us got there just in time to get Aya to her wave and so Kengo and I went to find a spot to cheer for her at the start. After we failed to spot her in the sea of runners we walked around to try and catch her at one of the check points.

After spotting the fastest runner, a Kenyan (duh!), we waited for Aya to come running by on some bridge… while it rained.

And then somehow we missed her. We were the worst cheerleaders. In Kengo’s defense he thought we should head to finish before I did and I kept saying, “But how could we miss her?! Do you really think we missed her?” And so we stayed longer just to make sure. But, having left my face-recognition goggles at home I should have conceded and just gone to the finish line. My b.

And there she was waiting for us. And she had been waiting for a while… worst. cheerleaders. ever.

So, then we went to go find a place to eat and where Aya could change.

Afterwards we headed over to Glasgow’s Street Feastival. I had heard about the Street Feastival from this post by Mary over in My Life in Scotland and so I really wanted to check it out. Besides, who doesn’t love a good food festival? No one. Ever. Now, I do realize that we could have eaten at the food festival, but as my dad always says, “hindsight is 20-20.”

The food festival was really cool! It was much better than Edinburgh’s food festival we went to last summer (we paid £10 each to get in and still paid £5-6 for a plate of food. At this one we only paid £2 each to get in. Glasgow 1: Edinburgh 0). I also liked how cozy it was and the variety of food that was available. There was asian food, caribbean food, coffee, scottish food, cider, and desserts! Seriously, I want to go back next year!

After the festival we headed back to the train station and stopped in some stores along the way. I really enjoyed Glasgow. I can’t believe it took me this long to make it over there but it’s now on my to-do list as soon as Will comes home! I know it’ll take several trips to really get a feel for everything it has to offer but now that I’ve gotten a taste (literally) I’m keen for more!

East London on Film

A month ago Will and I took a train down to London for a company outing. Yes, I got to experience P-Diddy style again. The Company was hosting a Family Fun Day and 10k race. They wanted to have a gathering where families could come and get to know each other so they offered to pay for travel AND friday night’s accommodation. Seriously, I could get used to this. I got to scratch my UK race off the 29-yr-old to-do list and use up my b&w film.

When we arrived Friday evening we dropped off our bags at the hotel (which, we absolutely loved!) and found the nearest Chipotle! Afterwards we discovered the cutest old pub in Soho, the Dog and Duck.  If you’re in London, go. Right now. Saturday was The Company Family Fun Day in Regent’s Park. It’s a beautiful park to run through. And by “run” I mean, walk because it was not get-fit-June and my body was hating me… and continued to hate me for several days after the race.

We stayed with our friend Daisy Saturday night in Hackney Central and explored a ton of East London that evening and all of Sunday. I loved seeing an insider’s view of the city; AND, in my eyes, Daisy is an insider  w h e r e v e r  she is. She always knows what’s happening and where it’s happening. She makes me feel cool just by hanging out with her. 

That evening we ate amazing vietnamese food (oh how I’ve missed pho!) and went to a pub that was filled with foosball tables! It’s called, Kick. Genius. And, apparently, I’m a foosball master. I’m putting that on my CV.

Sunday, Daisy and I got up to go to church at Hillsong London and then hit up some markets where I fell way below the hipster quota. What did Will do? Well, he spent the WHOLE DAY at the British Museum. That’s my genius husband, doing genius things like spend several hours at a museum.  AND he came back with tons of pictures on his iPhone of artifacts. He doesn’t take pictures. But I did get to see the Shabako stone and the Assyrian lion hunt reliefs from every angle. I love it when he lets his inner-geek come out!

While at this market I found Shanghai street-style dumplings! I don’t think you understand how exciting this was for me. In 2004 I spent six weeks in China and ate these all the time. It’s been nearly 10 years since I had one… I got two!

As you can tell, the weather was amazing, I got to see Daisy (and see a bit of her life in London), I saw a new side of London, and I got new sunglasses that increase my hipster-ness! Nothing but good things. I fell in Love with London that weekend!