Left Overs

We’re baaaaaaaack! And exhausted!

Barcelona was amazing and I’m so glad we tacked that on to the end of our Paris trip!

So, as we’re adjusting to being back home here are some left over pictures from my last roll of film.

Oh man, these make me miss having Thomas around. Come back, Thomas! Please?



I just got back some film I got developed from my Holga. I don’t use my Holga too much because I like the Minolta better, but it’s really neat to see pictures from over two years ago. Some of these are from our 2 year anniversary trip to Florida, hanging out on the James in Richmond, and Linlithgow.

B & W

I just went out and bought some more film for my Minolta and in the process I forgot to post my b&w’s from earlier. I love how they turned out! And all of them are from when we went surfing last year! Except for the last one. That one’s obviously *not from surfing…

So, do you like the b&w’s? When I went to get more film I couldn’t decide if I liked the B&W more than the color or vice versa so I bought one of each!