A Brain Dump (+ Photos!!)

Tomorrow Liam will be 20 weeks – TWENTY WEEKS!! I can’t believe it’s been that long… or that short? I can’t tell just yet ;) So much has happened within these last four plus months and at the same time nothing has happened. I mean, Liam is blowing my mind, and taking care of him is such a joy, but, I know it’s not as exciting to you as it is to me.

Or maybe it is? I don’t know.

So, if you don’t mind, I’m just gonna dump it all out and we’ll take it from there. Thanks.

I’ve started exercising again! A friend gifted me her Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout and  I’ve died about five times now; but it feels good to be exercising again. I can’t do her guides completely (my body is not ready for mountain climbers or burpees) but most of it is pretty doable. I’ve got a looooong way to go.

Will is working from home now and it’s been great. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea at first (I wasn’t sure I had the self-discipline to leave him alone all day), but after seeing how Will and Liam have grown closer because of the extra time Will is spending at home has made it worth it! I have nothing but heart eyes for these two!

I love catching Liam’s silly faces on camera!!

I will forever love Dean Bridge for this view.

I made goat’s milk soap with my friend, Aya, and love it. Everyone’s getting soap for Christmas!

Friends of ours moved back to the States so we bought their tv for dirt cheap. It’s made binging on Suits much more enjoyable. Though, I do have to share it with Will and Liam so they can watch their sports.

Our MC (Missional Community) spent a Sunday at the beach. I wish there were more days like this one during the summer.

I went to a breastfeeding clinic last week and Liam put on a show for the nurses – as in he did his new trick of feeding for only three minutes and crying for the better part of an hour. The midwives confirmed that he is teething and recommended Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powder; it’s a game changer! He hasn’t put on much weight in the last month so this should help with that.

was using cloth diapers on Liam but then he started soiling his outfit every time so I went back to paper diapers. I’m hoping he’ll put on some more weight now that he’s eating better so we can go back to cloth. We’re using BumGenius diapers that we inherited from a sweet friend and it’s such a money saver! Honestly, I kinda don’t like using cloth, but I dislike spending the money on paper more – sooooo yeah.

I just bought River Cottage’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook and can’t wait to use it!

I’m on an organising spree so I’ve got Evernote and iBank on my phone – meal planning and budgeting FTW!

I just celebrated my 32nd birthday (woah!!) and it was such a pleasant day. Will was away in Sweden for the weekend so I was happy to have him home. We made a big breakfast, spent 90 minutes looking for a movie to watch on Netflix (as you do), gave Liam a bath, and did a little shopping. It wasn’t much but I loved every minute of it!



First of all, the name “Alnwick” is not pronounced at all as you would think. And secondly, it has one of the largest (and coolest) second-hand book shops ever! Oh, and third, anytime with Vanessa and Cameron is a guaranteed good time! Guar-an-teed!

I loved walking into the book store because the first room you walk in to is full of those paper globe lights that IKEA sells. They’re really overdone, in my opinion (of course I have 2 in my flat right now, so, I’m going to shut up now) but their ceiling was FULL of these paper lanterns. I loved it!

There were rows and rows and rows of books. We could have stayed there all day if we had had the time. There was also a cafe which looked so cozy. If I lived in Alnwick I would definitely frequent Barter Books and make it my go-to chill spot.

The town was really cute. tight roads, cozy cafes, and colorful shops.

We didn’t get a chance to go into the castle but we had heard that it’s one of the favorites in England: next time.

After walking around a bit we settled ourselves into a Costa to before heading home. These are my favorite times. Times when you’re spending all day together and as that time comes to an end we’re looking for any excuse to delay it and keep hanging out!

I enjoyed Alnwick a lot. It was nice to see a different part of England other than London. We’re eager to explore more of England!

My Complete, For Now, Reading List

I’ve decided that there are a ton more books I’d like to read so I’ve added them my 29 year old to-do list. Here’s the amended reading list: