Barcelona (3/3)

I’m not a walker. As in, I do not find enjoyment from aimlessly walking around seeing “where I end up and what I see.” Nope, I want a direct path from point A to point B and I point B better have a chair. Will on the other hand, can walk. for. days. When we want to go for a “walk around the block” I think a literal block and Will thinks we’re going to discover a new part of the city no one’s ever seen before. We’re learning where our middle ground is.

Needless to say, there was a ton of walking around in Barcelona. But there was also a lot of laying around at the beach soooooo, it all evened out. But the whole thing was absolutely wonderful!

We both loved Barcelona so much! I’m so glad we went. It’s such a beautiful city with so much to offer: the largest outdoor market, a popular beach, delicious food, a vibrant atmosphere, and a great culture. My favorite area is the Gothic Quarter! I would be happy to aimlessly walk around in there. And we know that’s saying a lot.

I’m also grateful I was able to use the little Spanish I know. Will was proud of me. Heck, I was proud of me!

So, that was are Barcelona trip. I’m sorry it took me so long to blog about it but then, it’s been nice for me to reminisce about warmer days.


Barcelona (2/3)

Will update: Things are going really well for Will. He just started a new intensive German language class that is every day. He loves it so much he doesn’t mind the 8am start (<– miracle). He’s constantly working in the library and scanning journals and books and continuing to impress his professors and friends with his German. He’s also ready to be home. Which is wonderful because I’m ready for him to be home. LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS!!!!!


After La Sagrada Familia we went out to Barceloneta for lunch.

We had tapas, paella, cheesecake and sangria! It was delicious! But I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to my mom’s paella I felt like my mom’s is better. Sorry, Barcelona, Barbara:1, Barcelona:0.

A bonus about that lunch was we were right next to the beach! Well, the number one bonus about Barcelona is its beach! Will and I both love the beach and hadn’t been to a proper beach since our second wedding anniversary when we went to Tampa, Florida. It was great seeing people walk/rollerblade/run/cycle down the board walk and admire how blue the water looks. We ended up going to the beach three times in our four days there! And it didn’t feel like enough. A couple of times we walked back to our port the long way just so we could walk along the beach. I think we realized how much we missed the beach. Sorry Scotland, Barcelona:1, Scotland:0

We spent a couple of half days at the beach and found this little corner store on the boardwalk that sold guava juice (score!) and everything we needed to make ham and cheese baguettes (and having just come from Paris we were loving this). So, on our last day we packed everything up but our swimsuits and spent the whole day at the beach enjoying our guava juice and baguettes. We were living the dream!

Oh I wanna go back!

Barcelona (1/3)

So, remember that time Will and I went to Barcelona after our month in Paris? Uh, yeah, that did happen and I’m just now blogging about it.

So, yeah, we went to Barcelona after Paris and it was amazing! I had been before but it was only for two days after a 10 day Mediterranean cruise with my family seven years ago. When we went my brother and I split up from my parents to rent bikes for the day to just ride around. The city seems like a blur from my memories but I distinctly remember how much I loved everything about Barcelona. The beach. The gothic quarter. The beautiful people. The sun. I knew I had to go back.

The second thing we were most looking forward to about Barcelona was Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia (first was the beach… duh!).

This structure literally took our breath away! We were both speechless. The lights, the images, the colors, the art, the intention. All of it. Everything about the structure has a meaning and a purpose. Even the shadowy parts of the ceiling represent something. It really is a stunning structure.

I’m really glad we saw La Sagrada Famila. Apparently, they predict that construction will be complete in 30 years. I predict a potential 3rd trip to Barcelona in 2044.

We also managed to see three more Gaudí buildings, though we didn’t go inside: Casa Batlló.

Casa Calvet

And La Pedrera.

Au Revoir, Paris! Hola, Barcelona!

photo love

Will and I decided to take the long way home… via Barcelona! (cue victory dance)

Actually, while we were figuring out our travel back from Paris we found some really cheap flights to Barcelona and jumped on them. I’ve wanted to go back to Barcelona for so long and I’m so excited to have the chance to do so!

The best part about this trip is that we discovered Airbnb and booked ourselves onto someone’s houseboat! We’re staying on a boat! (cue victory dance)

I don’t have as extensive a to-do list for Barcelona as I did for Paris but there are a few things we’re gonna try to do:

  • Lay out on the beach
  • Eat paella
  • See La Sagrada Família
  • Lay out on the beach
  • Eat seafood
  • Speak as much Spanish as I possibly can (“Hola, dónde está el baño? Gracias!” Yeah, that’s it.)
  • Go sailing (crossing fingers our host will take us out!!!)
  • Explore all of the tiny alleyways and side streets
  • Lay out on the beach
  • Check out a couple of Picasso’s and Dali’s stuff/art/hang outs/etc.

It’s not that much but we’re only here for four days so, obviously you can see where our my priorities are (beach! beach! beach!).