Catching up

Reading: I’m slowly making my way through The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel. I enjoy learning about the way children’s brains develop, and the best ways to help it develop fully. It’s fascinating.
Wanting: To get through Kayla Itsines’ BBG. I have restarted this program for the third time and really want to finish it this time.
Looking: Through all of Liam’s old pictures and videos. I’m obsessed with that boy.
Playing: Curling wand tutorials so I can put some effort into my hair.
Wasting: More time than I should on Netflix… but Stranger Things was just recommended to us so the time-wasting will not be stopping anytime soon. mayday16-2_zpsranzopdamayday16_zpslbxv0xmlLiking: Salmon risotto is amazing and I try to sneak it in the meal plan every week.
Wondering: Where our next stage in life will take us.
Loving: The recent weather. We’ve been outside having picnics and doing some walking practice most days this week.
Hoping: And praying for this world. My heart breaks for all of those who suffer from violence born from fear and hate. I need to remember that God is bigger than what I read in the news.
Marvelling: At Liam deciding that he’s ready to figure out this whole walking thing.
Needing: A proper winter coat this year. I’m already dreading winter.mayday16-5_zpsffuffbzzWishing: That Will was done with his thesis and had job offers overflowing his inbox!
Enjoying: The small moments Will and I get to have some couple time. Those moments are too few these days, but this phase is temporary.
Waiting: For Will to come home from the library so we can start watching Stranger Things.
Wearing: Shorts!! Seriously, this weather is making me all kinds of happy :)
Following: Travel boards on Pinterest. As soon as Will is done with his PhD we are going on a European adventure! I’m loving this (I’ve got my eye on the Scandinavian one) and this and this!
Noticing: The little ways Liam is transitioning from a baby to a toddler: conversation-like babbling, shaky steps, and tiny tantrums.
Knowing: That we’re entering into our last year in Edinburgh. I’m thinking of all of the ways to make the most out of this year.
Thinking: About next week’s meal plan and our grocery list. I dread this, but it’s so worth it to not have to worry about it during the week.mayday16-3_zpsn4twxmfmmayday16-7_zpskv3sqy4i
Making: An effort to re-learn Spanish. I’ve always wanted to speak it and my children to know it. This is long overdue but I’m finally doing it.
Cooking: Not much lately because Will has taken over more of the cooking duties! I love that man!
Drinking: Water – and lots of it.
Sewing: I got a couple of tops second hand, both with holes in the seams; so I’m working on fixing those.
Feeling: Sad about the office gossip going around these days – a lot of people are hurting.
Bookmarking: Unfancy’s Capsule wardrobe planner because I know it’s about time to do another clothing cull.

Photos are from a day trip to Castle Crichton with friends back in May.


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