Another Brain Dump (+ Photos)


I know, I know, it’s been a while. We’ve just been getting on with life and, truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep up with blogging. I don’t consider myself a very good writer and I didn’t feel like I had the time, or energy, to put together nice posts. And I didn’t want to just throw something up for the sake of posting something. Anyway, I decided to give myself the time and space to just figure things out.

But, it’s Sunday, both of my boys are napping and I’m sitting here in a quiet flat drinking my third cup of tea. I thought I’d get back into blogging by doing a quick catch up on all things ‘Kelly Lyfe’… and show off some pictures of Liam.  :)




We’ll start with all things ‘Liam’.

Where do I start? This little 10+ month old is blowing our minds on a daily basis over here! He’s crawling e v e r y w h e r e !! He’s pulling himself up on whatever he can get his hands on and is starting to walk along things like the coffee table and bookcases. He’s babbling so much more as well. I think he’s starting to say “mama” but it’s mainly when he’s whining about something. He’s also starting to yell at us. It’s actually kinda funny and Will and I have tried really hard to not laugh. I think this means we really need to step up on the sign language game. And by “step up” I mean we need to actually do it. I did it for about two weeks a few months ago but it didn’t take fast enough and I gave up. I think he’s ready now.

He’s primed and ready for so many things now I am trying not to blink because I know I’ll miss something. Though, I am sooooooo keen for Liam to start walking and talking and making his own food – any day now ;-)

Liam’s first birthday is next month and I’m already planning it. I’d love to do a barbeque outside, but considering where we live, I’m gonna need to think of a plan B.


Liam still loves his bath! Will and I need to get him out to a pool.




We started a nighttime routine of 6pm dinner-brush teeth-bath-feed-sleep and it’s been really good for us to have. It’s hard for us to have our own dinners ready by 6pm but it’s a goal we’re inching closer and closer to.

Liam is doing so well with food but I’m getting tired of making seperate meals for him. This week I started making him eat what we eat. It’s going ok. As long as I remember to take out a portion for Liam before adding salt we’re good.


Liam and I are heading off to Germany to visit some friends, sans Will. I’m really looking forward to seeing our friends and also seeing how Liam does travelling. This will be his first trip since the States and his first trip this year.


I’ve been doing Kayla’s BBG for about three months now, but I’m just on week seven. I’ve taken a few breaks but I will finish this program even if it kills me – #deathbykayla. Will has been working out too and looks amazing! I’m so glad he’s taking his role as my trophy husband seriously!


Will and I just got into watching House of Cards. Kevin Spacey is brilliant! I’ve also started watching Obama’s Whitehouse on the BBC and that is really well done. I just love the BBC!

I’m also loving Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”. Their mixes for us have been on point with Nina Simone, Dirty Projectors, Bob Dylan, William Onyeabor, and Odetta!


I’ve been back at work now for over a month and it’s been good. I think we’ve gotten through most of the teething pains of our new roles but it seems to be going really well. I never saw myself as a stay-at-home mom so it actually feels good to be back at work. It  helps that Will is an amazing father and does a phenomenal job of watching Liam during the day. We’ve had to be really intentional about enforcing “date night” since the evenings are Will’s “work hours” but we’re managing.



I can’t get enough of seeing Liam’s little toes grip the floor with all their might!

PC: Will


Well, that’s all I can think of for the time being. Hope you enjoy these photos of our little man!


6 thoughts on “Another Brain Dump (+ Photos)

  1. I hope you stick to updating the blog when you can, I really enjoy all of your posts especially as a fellow American expat now in Scotland :-)

  2. Hi Jackie! I just wanted to say, I love reading your blog posts and seeing your gorgeous photography! It’s wonderful to see that you, Will and Liam are doing great and continuing to love life in Edinburgh. Justin and I still miss our adventurous lifestyle in Scotland a lot, but we can’t complain. We have settled in to life in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada – we’re both working good jobs and have lots of friends and family here, and try to have mini-adventures whenever we can :) Actually, we are expecting a baby in July! I’ve never really been a “kid person” so I’m a little nervous, but of course we’re excited to be starting a family together and I know we’ll figure it all out together. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts about parenthood. You and Will make a great team! That’s great that you’re back at work and enjoying it, and even better that Will is able to look after Liam during the day. (I’ve never pictured myself as a stay-at-home mom either, and plan on working again after my year of mat leave). Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and I’m glad to see you guys are well! You are such a cute little family! Please pass on our greetings to Will, too :) All the best! Chelsea and Justin xo

    Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 14:38:33 +0000 To:

    • Oh Chelsea, it’s so good to hear from you! And wonderful about your pregnancy and jobs and life together with Justin being wonderful! Yeah, I’m not a kid person either but I’m definitely a “my own kids is the best” type person ;) It’s been surreal to experience this type of love and to notice the changes it’s brought in me. I’m praying for you two in the transition of going to a family of three – exciting times!! Eeeeeeekkk!!! :)

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