I’m Back!!!

You guys, I’m blogging again! Woo hoo! I’m not gonna lie, the first trimester hit me hard. Like a tsunami wave of vomit and exhaustion. I was out for the count. And then by 21 weeks I was so excited about feeling better that Will and I hit the ground running when we got back from Christmas with our families in Richmond. And now, well into the third trimester, I’m back to exhaustion.

Though I was pretty much a useless shell of myself that first trimester I did manage to cross off some things on my autumn bucket list. I hosted a clothing swap with some friends, painted pumpkins, finally went on a photo walk with Claire (pictures are on the film camera and need to be developed), and we had 30 people crammed into our flat for Thanksgiving!

Will and I celebrated his 30th birthday by going to the Christmas Market.

In fact, we went to the Christmas markets several times!

No we didn’t go to a ceilidh but I did go to the annual company Christmas party and managed to get my boogie on for a bit. Will and I didn’t really keep up our body weight exercises or hike the Pentlands but I did bake a couple of times — but not for our neighbors. My bad. Maybe I’ll do that for the spring as an “I’m sorry but there will be a screaming baby in May/June time so have some cookies!” gift?

I managed to finished my BFF’s baby shower gift in time to give it to her at Christmas. It’s been a real joy to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend — WHO JUST HAD HER BABY!!! There are also three other good friends having babies around the same time I am: one in April and two in June.

I stopped doing the baking soda shampoo because my hair started freaking out. So after three months of greasy hair and six different homemade shampoo recipes, I broke down and bought some shampoo. BUT, it’s organic and chemical free so I don’t feel so bad. I use this for our body wash, this for my face wash, this for our toothpaste, and this as my body lotion/facial moisturizer. And of course vinegar practically cleans everything in our flat.

My capsule wardrobe has kinda been put on hold but not by too much. Surprisingly, most of my regular tops fit well enough, which means I haven’t had to sink too much money into a temporary wardrobe. I managed to borrow some clothes from a friend and pick up a few things on my list that I can wear next winter (sans baby belly). I’m hoping to pick back up on the capsule wardrobe once I get my body back — if that ever happens. Until then leggings and tunics are my go-to.

Will and I also attempted to take some bump photos before heading off to Richmond for the holidays…
But with the non-existent daylight we get during the winter and my lack of energy at the time I scrapped the idea. But look at my tiny 17 week belly! It is not so tiny any more. This is me, today, at 34 weeks.

Look at me! I’m HUGE! For reals. It was confirmed today at my midwife appointment that I’m measuring at 36 weeks instead of 34… I’m either going to have this baby early or it’s a BIG BABY. I’m praying for an early baby. I don’t think I’m woman enough to birth a big baby.

Being in Richmond for Christmas was great! Will and I were so grateful to have been surrounded by family over the holidays. I’ll post about that sometime soon.

 As soon as we got back from Richmond we hit the ground running. Will gave a paper at New College and blew it out of the water! I took the day off for it so I could be there to support him and I was so impressed! I’m so proud of all of the hard work he’s put into his thesis. We caught up with friends and started getting the flat ready for the baby (i.e. getting rid of stuff and painting the baby room!). We made it up to St. Andrews to see some good friends, spent a long weekend in Northern Ireland with some friends for a wedding, and had our babymoon in Amsterdam! We’ve also been lounging… a lot!

Needless to say there are a bunch of posts stuck in my pregnant brain. Hopefully I can share them with y’all soon! Please just bear with me as I get them all sorted. But at least I’ve finally blogged!


4 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!

  1. So nice to catch up with you Jackie. You look fantastic and baby will be absolutely perfect and come at the right time, just as God intended :) Someone once said there are no late babies, just early guesses. Can’t wait to see your post about the birth and baby Kelly!

  2. You look great, Jackie! So lovely to read your update and see your photos. What room will be the “baby room?” You’ve got such great style in your home — I’ll hope you’ll post photos of the room, too!

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