Soaking It In

Lately, Will and I have been looking at Edinburgh differently. I don’t know if it’s because it’s autumn and a new academic year is starting, or that Edinburgh has been absolutely stunning lately, or because life has just been so good, but we’ve been trying to soak everything in and take advantage of life in this gorgeous city. That’s pretty much our summary of this past weekend.

We were busy every day but we still managed to have quiet moments interspersed throughout. We did a little bit of shopping Friday evening and parked ourselves in a cafe overlooking the castle. Seriously, you guys, I live in a city with a castle! It still blows my mind. We both laced up our cleats and played some soccer in the Meadows (I also tried to NOT die because I’m so out of shape). Afterwards we meet up with friends in a pub to watch some soccer. I’m starting to enjoy the pub culture here in the UK.

Will and I value having breakfast together and we try to make a big breakfast on both Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturday Will made hashbrowns and eggs, but on Sunday we treated ourselves to brunch in Bruntsfield. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun while people-watching. We also ran into some friends. Then we explored some private gardens for Edinburgh’s Doors Open Day and had a picnic. We love living in this city!

1. Doing some shopping
2. Hello, new phone case!
3. Soccer in the meadows
4. Will is perfecting his hashbrown recipe

1. Enjoying a morning in Bruntsfield
2. Brunch at Montpelier’s
3. An impromptu picnic


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