A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about our weekends. Like, to go out and do something new. Saturdays are hard to do that in because it’s a day to get done what I couldn’t/didn’t get done during the week; but Sundays are perfect for a new thing. A few sundays ago Will and I went to the Fruitmarket Gallery. We had never been before but had walked by it several times.

That morning we both made a big breakfast—weekends are perfect for big breakfasts—and made our way to the gallery. Side note: I also decided to be fancy and wear heels! End of side note.

The exhibit was a Glaswegian artist, Jim Lambie. It was really good. I’m typically not a fan of modern art but I really liked this exhibit! My favorite installation was the floor. He covered it in vinyl tape all throughout the top floor. His thought process was trying to figure out a way of filling a room and emptying it at the same time. Genius!

After the gallery Will and I headed up to George Street for a cafe stop before heading home.

This weekend Will and I are gonna try and take advantage of both days (gasp!). We’re gonna meet up with some friends to play soccer in the Meadows, skype with friends, use up a dinner voucher, and maybe spend some of my birthday money! I also think I might bake some bread? The weekend is my oyster!

What are your plans for the weekend?!


2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

  1. This past weekend we went to a food market and then got coffee and it was so low key but lovely. I always try to plan one main thing for when Fredrik is having time off, it is always changing as the medical field is prone to do, but living in a small town it can be hard to find new things.

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