Going Green

A couple of nights ago a friend of mine called me a hippie. Now, if you had met me a couple of years ago—even just a year ago—you would have done what I did and laughed. You would not have used that word to describe me in any way… but it might ring a little true right now. Within the last 12 months I’ve jumped on the whole “natural” band wagon.

It all started 18 months ago when Will and I had both had the worst dandruff we’d ever experienced! Seriously, it was embarrassing. It was also frustrating because none of the products I bought were working. Fast-forward to eight months ago, when I was desperate and decided to try a “natural” approach to our dandruff. I gave this recipe a try and it worked like a charm.

(The website to this picture is no longer available)

Apple cider vinegar FTW! This got me thinking. If the hair recipe worked (while also being super cheap and super easy), then what other homemade/natural solutions could I try? And so began our slow and steady journey of removing harsh and unneccessary chemicals from our life.

At first it was a bit overwhelming. With so many things I felt I needed to change I had to learn the importance of baby steps. A perfect example was when I had to clean my oven. I hadn’t cleaned it since we moved into that flat two years ago—you guys really didn’t need to know that—but I heard so much about how harsh most chemical cleaners are and how they have horrible fumes. I put my food in the oven… I don’t want chemicals that harsh anywhere near my food. So, I went on Pinterest (it’s the new Google), I got some vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap together, and less than an hour later my oven was sparkly clean. After that I switched out all of our cleaning products.


Green cleaning? Check!

Next I moved onto personal hygiene. My friend and I got together to make this soap recipe, which is so great and smells delicious. Then, because our dandruff recipe worked so well, we got on-board the no-shampoo trend. Will and I have been shampoo-less for nearly seven months now. Then I started looking into making my own mouthwashtoothpaste and facial moisturizer (coconut oil is da bomb!).


Personal hygiene? Double check!

If you’re thinking about changing some of your habits to be a bit more “green”, then consider this post a proverbial “GO FOR IT!!”. My only disclaimer is that you should do your own research to figure out what works for you and your lifestyle. And watch out for some fads which aren’t really that helpful (Um, oil pulling? How about we just practice good dental hygiene? Ok, thanks.). Personally, I love Almost Exactly. She does her research and has lots of good advice.

I still have a lot of things I’d like to change up and try out, but like I said, baby steps. If you want some ideas you can find my “going green” Pinterest board here. Or, if you have some ideas of your own, please share!


8 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Yay for natural! Ricky and I became hippies when we were pregnant with Seraphina. Having kids makes you read those labels a little closer and keep their environment aaa pure as they are. It’s a shame that being healthy and natural hasn’t caught on with more people. I used ACV for a UTI while pregnant-worked like a charm! Also check into essential oils for illnesses and cleaning and everything else you can think of!!!!
    Love and miss you!

  2. Ok we also just cleaned our oven after two years and Fredrik wanted to buy some heavy duty cleaner stuff but I freaked out so he just used hot water and steel wool and it was worked so good!

    • I had bought some heavy duty cleaner ages ago with the intention of using it until I chatted to some friends about it. It’s still under my sink. I need to get rid of it!

      • Gurrrrl. Don’t fret. I went through the same thing, took a hiatus from no-poo (used good quality shampoos instead), and am back at it. It’s all a give and take. It looks like you are already making so many wonderful, health and environmentally conscious choices! I refer to the Food Babe and Kris Carr for most of my dietary and beauty choices. They are great resources.

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