Summer Recap

Well, now it’s September, summer is over, and autumn is here. Let’s be honest, I live in Scotland, where “summer” is more like an extension of spring. It’s sad. But we make do.

It’s been a pretty good summer and when I think about it, it was much better than I give it credit. For starters, Will and I celebrated five years of marriage! (Woo hoo!) Will’s cousin and her friend came to visit. I did the Color Run here in Edinburgh and we did a few things at the Fringe. Will and I went to Paris. And we spent a lot of time with friends, making new ones and getting in as much time with old ones as possible.

And of course, the Grand Poobah of summer… the Fringe Fireworks! These are seriously the best fireworks I’ve ever been to. I mean, who can top fireworks choreographed to an orchestra playing top instrumental pieces and fired over a castle?!!

It’s been real, summer! Now it’s time for autumn! AND MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


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