Our Week in Paris (2014)

Will and I love Paris. We love being there. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels familiar, almost like home… a home where I don’t speak the language, that is. ;)

We feel blessed and fortunate that we’ve been able to come here three times together. And the fact that we’ve been able to enjoy it with people we love is a real bonus!

Despite having just six days together in the city, we actually did a lot of exploring. Like, we discovered that Le Marché des Enfants Rouges has THE BEST Nutella crêpes in the city! And that is the God-honest truth.

We went on lots of walks. And, of course, I couldn’t get enough of the old shutters and wrought iron balconies!


Something pretty awesome which we got to see was the final stage of the Tour de France! The cyclists take eight laps through the center of the city, so we had plenty of chances to take pictures. The neat thing about this stage is that it’s pretty chill. Everyone is cycling fast, but these last laps had a lot of smiles and back patting. Until the final sprint. Then they fly.

The six of us (yes, we shared our flat with two other couples + a baby) had a lot of dinners together, but my favorite was when we had a picnic in Trocadéro Park. We also did this last year so it felt nice to do it again; almost like we were continuing a tradition.

I don’t know if Paris has these pop-up bars all year, but last summer Will and I met friends in the evening along the Seine. It’s a great place to people-watch and hang out. We sat on those recliners for a couple of hours talking about life and our future and imagining what our lives would look like if we lived in Paris (Note: Our lives would look FANTASTIC if we lived in Paris).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about obsessed with building a capsule wardrobe and Erin had found a couple of Kilo stores. They’re like massive secondhand shops where you pay based on the weight of your bundle. So if you’re ever feeling a bit low on your hipster quota, this place is a gold mine!

And of course, macarons were involved!





Like I said, we love Paris and will always appreciate the time we get to spend there. It’s a place that has nuzzled its way into our hearts. (Yeah, I said “nuzzled”.) Hopefully we’ll get to go again next summer!


You can check out last year’s Paris pictures here (1, 2, 3, 4) and, in case you missed them, the rest of this year’s pictures here (1, 2)


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