Cambo Estate (St Andrews)

We’re back home. Yes, WE! Will and I are BOTH home from Paris… which was amazing! But, what’s not amazing about Paris? Uh… nothing.

So, obviously, I don’t have pictures from Paris yet but I thought I’d share some pictures from a trip to St. Andrews back in June (I know it was so long ago but I had to get the film developed… which, well, takes about 67 days when it comes to me getting of my arse to get it done). Anywho… Will was off on a stag do (bachelor party) in Northern Ireland so I decided to go up to St. Andrews to hang out with some girlfriends. I went up there in the morning for breakfast and after breakfast the husbands kindly lent me their wives for the afternoon. The weather was gorgeous so we planned something to do outside.

Cambo Estate it was!

Now, I’m not really a plant person so I have no clue what I was looking at, but between the sun shining, the birds chirping, and the gorgeous colors of all of the flowers blooming I was impressed! But lets, be real, I’d be impressed if you could grow weeds.

Anyway, I recommend the Cambo Estate. It’s also right by the sea which is always a bonus.

I took all of these with my Minolta on the cheapest roll of film ever! Pardon the grainy-ness.

St. Andrews’ rooftops

 We came across someone’s art studio as well.

We also came across a rope swing!



Please check out Andrea’s blog post about Cambo Estate here. She brought her digital so her pictures do the gardens more justice than mine.


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