Recently Will’s cousin Lindsey, and her friend Megan, went backpacking around the UK (with a side trip to Barcelona) and stopped by Edinburgh at the end of their trip. I loved having them around; especially while Will was gone. The weather was absolutely gorgeous both days so we ended up walking around a lot.

On the Saturday they trained it over to Glasgow for the day while I ran a couple of errands. After meeting up with a friend at Brunel I walked across town to develop some film. Walking across the Meadows always makes me grateful for living in this beautiful city.

Looking at the Quartermile

Middle Meadow Walk

Looking at Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Craigs

On the Sunday the girls and I made a big breakfast and then walked to the Stockbridge Market to pick up some food for a picnic at Inverlieth Park (over looking the castle and Arthur’s Seat).

Afterwards we strolled through the rest of the park to head over to the Botanical Gardens.

Yeah, so that was our weekend of strollin’ :)

If you want to learn more about Lindsey’s adventures in backpacking you can read her blog here.


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