Café Love: Brunel

Update: Brünel is closed down but, apparently a new cafe is opening up in its place in the Spring of 2016. I’ll have to make sure to check it out when it opens.


Sorry guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve featured a cafe here on the blog but Will and I have just been frequenting Loudon’s most of the time. However, we’ve recently discovered a new cafe that popped up on the canal by our flat. Yeah, you read that right, ON the canal.

Friends of ours celebrated their birthday here a few weeks ago and Will and I thought it was one of the most charming places we’ve been to! They have everything you’d want in a cafe: pastries, coffee, tea, indoor and outdoor seating, and even delicious sandwiches they’ll post on their facebook page. Oh, and for all of you coffee drinkers out there, I’ve heard their coffee is delicious!

So, last weekend I thought I would stop by on the way to the Stockbridge Market for a little breakfast and to take some pictures. Let me introduce you to Brunel!

I definitely plan on frequenting this place more often! Especially with this gorgeous weather we’ve been having :)


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