Two Years Was Too Long

Twenty one and a half months to be exact.

That’s how long it had been since we had last visited home. Since we had last hugged our parents, had a big family meal, and grabbed coffee with our longest and closest friends. It had been 27 months since I had last seen my brother! I trip back home was way overdue.

While Will was was in Germany for those 4 1/2 months I felt more homesick than I had ever felt before. During Christmas we booked tickets to go back home. But this trip had to be different from the last one. The last time we were in Richmond we packed every single minute with friends, family, more friends… everyone! We felt we had to make sure that we let people know that we hadn’t forgotten them. That we loved them and missed them. We made sure to make time for everyone. And we were exhausted.

As our trip got closer we thought long and hard about how we wanted to spend our time. We decided to keep our travel plans private and that the evenings were for our family (minus two nights). We also decided to land in New York to get some good one-on-one time with my brother.

After a jet-lagged 24 hours in New York City we bussed it down to Richmond where we spent the rest of our time. We filled it with sleeping in, a road trip to Durham with friends (to see friends… and lemurs), brunch dates, convincing my parents their attic is a hoarders dream (and helping them clear some of it out), coffee/brunch dates, daily joint family dinners, church, lounging, puppy snuggles, and lots and lots of food!

I didn’t want to leave. I started thinking of the different places Will and I could find work in Richmond and where we would live if we moved back. I wanted to move back. I wanted more time with our families. Two weeks just wasn’t enough time. But I guess when you live an ocean away from your family there will never be enough time.

Of course, having been back for nearly three months now the dust has settled and we’re back in the routing of life here in Edinburgh; which, is home now. But we knew that we couldn’t go two years before going back so we’re already making plans to visit again! We both miss our families and hate the time we’re missing with them. Not just the big things but the little things like meeting up for brunch, dropping something off at someone’s house, seeing them at church, checking out a new movie, all of it! We miss doing life with our families. But, things are how they are and I’m so grateful for Skype and iMessage and emails! It makes them seem not so far away. Which is a very good thing :)



These are a combination of pictures from my iPhone and Minolta.




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