The Last Time

Hanging out at Lamplighter in Richmond, VA

Will is gone again.

I know, I know. I said we’d never do this again, but it’s how it turned out. He has a conference in Switzerland, seeing friends in Tubingen, and then off to Paris for the month long immersion program. This year we’re doing it in July and I don’t have as much holiday time to take off so we’ll go five weeks without seeing each other.

Part of me thinks, “Five weeks? That’s nothing.” And the other part is screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT AGAIN!!!”

I wussied out and didn’t go to the airport with him. I couldn’t bear the bus ride home and walking into an empty flat. So, we prayed and said our goodbyes in our living room. And then I cried. A lot. I almost ran out to him like a lead actress in a romcom but was strong. I just cried in the kitchen instead. And in the living room once I got up from the kitchen.

Have I told you that I’m a closet crier? I’d like to think I’m tough and can “keep it together” but I’m not. I cry at adverts, anything that makes me super proud, and anything Morgan Freeman narrates (this commercial gets me every time).

But back to Will leaving. It’s ok. We’ve talked on the phone twice since he left (2 hours ago!) and will be talking again in a couple of hours. And we know how to do this. I wouldn’t say we’re seasoned at this long distance thing but we’re not new at it either.

I was in a relationship once that was long distance and I thought it was the easiest thing in the world. I didn’t get why people made such a big deal out of it. Obviously that wasn’t a very good relationship. But then I met Will and one month later I was on a plane to India for a two-week missions trip; I couldn’t go two days without talking to him! Needless to say, I had a very expensive phone bill to pay at the end of that month but it was worth it.

This time I’m not as scared. I know I can do this and keep myself busy. I’ve got a few projects to work on and some visitors coming in a couple of weeks. AND, it’s summer. No depressing winter weather to get through alone.

But seriously you guys, this IS the last time.


4 thoughts on “The Last Time

    • Thanks, Mary :) Yeah, it’s not how we originally planned it out but between flight times and money it just was more (financially) feasible this way.
      I hope it goes by fast too :)

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