Nothing Fancy.

Gilmore Place

Where do I start?

Things have been good here in bonnie Scotland. And now that the sun has been showing it’s beautiful glowy face it’s been even better! After Glasgow we said goodbye to some of our closest friends (which was not great) and then hopped on a plane to Richmond. I’ll go more into our time Stateside as soon as I get my film developed and I sit down long enough to figure out how I feel. We loved being with our families and miss them so much so we won’t be waiting two years to go back again…

Since being back Will and I have been re-figuring out “our” routines. Nothing big, just normal life stuff. We’ve been catching up with friends and re-instating date night (!!!) and watching Game of Thrones. You guys, for real, that show is so good! We got through seasons 1 & 2 in a week. It’s a little sad, but also, awesome. I’ve also been “going green”. A friend of mine and I got together and made coconut and lime soap that Will and I are absolutely in love with (pics to come)! We love that it’s all natural and it’s good for our skin. It’s gotten me hooked on how to make my own toothpaste, facial cleanser, shampoo and all of that stuff.

Will has started cooking more. This is great because I don’t enjoy it at all. I mean, I enjoy making things for friends coming over and I have a lot of pride in what I make, but when it comes to planning meals, getting ingredients, and then putting it all together after a day of work I’m not chomping at the it to flex my culinary muscle. Besides, everything Will makes is delicious. Even stuff he just “whips up” is better than anything I slave over. But I’m not surprised because he’s that guy that is good at everything he does. No, joke, errthang.

Will made brsuchetta: tomato and mozarella, fried egg, and blue cheese, celery, and honey… Delish!

We re-started up our veg box from East Coast Organics and have loved it! It helps that we have the Veg Everyday cookbook by River Cottage. It’s amazing and every dish I’ve made from here is delicious! River Cottage also has a bread book (aptly dubbed, “the bread bible”). If you’re into baking your own bread you need this book. And this Dough book too.

It’s nice going to church together now. We’ve been trying to figure out where and how to serve as well as which service to go to. We’re also on the hunt for an older married couple to be our wise, married mentors.

Shameless plug: If you’re reading this and you go to Central and are happily married and wise please come find us. Thank you.

Will and I spent the better part of last weekend adding more green to our flat. We brought home plants for our flat and herbs for our cooking! I spent Tuesday putting some of them in pots. This is a big deal because there’s no one in my family with a green thumb; we’re better at pulling weeds. BUT, my mother-in-law has 10 green fingers and so I’m hoping that some of her green-ness will somehow transport itself across the Atlantic and make its way over to me. That can happen, right? The other part of the weekend was spent training for the half marathon next month (eeek!), going to the museum, hanging out with friends, and trying out rollers in my hair! (all of it documented with my newly fixed iphone!)

So, yeah, that’s the update. Nothing big. Nothing fancy.



8 thoughts on “Nothing Fancy.

  1. How sweet! I love reading your blog and hearing about the things that are going on in your lives. It warmed my heart to read your compliment concerning my gardening (which I owe any talent I may have to Joe and Aunt Jane). You made my day! And, yes, it is transferrable to you because you are a Kelly now, and with that comes a natural love for the garden and a need to cultivate it into beautiful place – just like the home you’ve made for you and William. He will smile at your work and enjoy the sweet smell of those flowers you’re going to grow! C.

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