As It Should Be


You guys, Will is back!

My husband is hooooooooome!

Last Saturday was a bit emotional for me. Both of his flights home were delayed. BOTH. Instead of coming home at 3:45pm he landed at 9:15pm. It doesn’t seem like it was that much later but I was not handling it well at all. I pretty much cried all day. Fortunately I had great friends who came over to distract me.

Coming home from the airport was surreal for both of us. We were both so ready for this that with it actually happening we had to pinch ourselves. We both had to remind ourselves that this wasn’t a long weekend together. This was how life should be… together.

Our first week had its up’s and down’s. We’ve already fought about money and hogging the blankets and making time for each other and doing the dishes! But we’ve also had friends over, re-instated date night, come up with a budget we’re both happy with, gone out to friends’ flats, and have enjoyed each other’s company so much. It’s been great!

Right now we’re sitting on our couch (side by side!), sharing a blanket, working on our laptops, while listening to WFMU (“Give The Drummer” Radio) and munching on some baked camembert and artisan bread. Life couldn’t be any better right now!

Tomorrow we’re gonna have another lazy morning and then head over to Glasgow to see our friends’ band (J Roddy Walston And The Business)! We haven’t seen them (our friends)  since we went back to the States in June 2012, and haven’t seen JRWATB since we rang in 2011 in Baltimore! I seriously can’t wait to see them again!

So, that’s our first week of experiencing life as it should be… together!

Here’s to plenty more weeks together!


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