Café Love: The Chocolate Tree

For chocolate lovers in Edinburgh, or visiting Edinburgh, you have got to visit The Chocolate Tree! It’s such a wonderful cafe AND a wonderful company! The Chocolate Tree not only provides locally made Scottish chocolate but also strives to “better the lives of the farmers and promoting biodiversity” (their words).

I’ve been here a handful of times and just love to indulge. It’s one of those places where you have to. It’s hard to pick between any of their hot cocoas, gelato, macarons, cakes, truffles, and of course, their chocolates. Good luck trying.

I love their white chocolate hot cocoa and Aya and I couldn’t resist trying some of their macarons.

I first discovered The Chocolate Tree a couple of years ago at one of the weekend markets. Will and I bought some chocolate from them to bring back home to our families… which, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna do again. If there’s something the UK does right, it’s chocolate… and sweets in general really.

So, if your’e looking for a little chocolate indulgence, you’ve gotta hit up The Chocolate Tree.

You’re welcome.


10 thoughts on “Café Love: The Chocolate Tree

  1. I discovered your blog today and definitely spent a hefty amount of time pouring through it. I love it!! I’m going to college at St. Andrews next year but I’m obsessed with cafes and have LOVED these posts. I’m making a huge list of places to go based on suggestions from your blog, thank you!

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