Café Love: Piecebox

It’s been too long since I shared with you a cafe here in Edinburgh so let me tell you about Piecebox.

Piecebox  is actually one of the closer cafes to me but I don’t find myself going here as often as I feel like I should. It’s seriously so close and a great cafe. They supply Artisan Roast coffee (which is a must-drink for all of you coffee lovers out there) and Jenier Tea (I love the mocha chai). All of their food is homemade and made that morning; and if it’s not made my them it’s made by someone who’s local.

Another bonus is their seating. There’s a lot of sofas and comfy chairs and it doesn’t feel over crowded. It’s also a great place for parents with strollers because there’s enough space to maneuver around with one (not that I know from personal experience…). Space is a big deal for me because I don’t like feeling in the way and some cafes will litter the floor with tables and chairs thinking that’s how to get the “cozy” feeling. Wrong. Piecebox has got it down right.

And that’s Piecbox for you! I really do need to take advantage of how close this place is (it’s just a five minute walk!). The food is delicious (you’ve gotta try the pancakes!), great hot drinks, and cozy seating! Perfect for Scottish weather!


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