Just after my Christmas holiday in Germany I went down south to Bristol on a business trip. I went down for some training and then stayed an extra day to do some exploring with our friend, David.

Will and I haven’t traveled much to England so I was keen to see more of it… other than London… though, I’m not complaining about the number of times I’ve found myself there… I’m starting to feel really comfortable in London: It’s my “New York City.” But back to Bristol. I really enjoyed the whole day. Thanks to David, I saw everything I should see in Bristol, along with a ton of extras. 

After starting the day with breakfast at Hart’s Bakery we stopped by a beautiful church on the way to M Shed on the waterfront. It was having this wildlife photography exhibit I had heard about and it had some of the most beautiful and stunning photographs I’d ever seen. Afterwards I immediately went to the desk to where else the exhibit would be showing and they’re coming to Edinburgh in March!! So, I bought a post card of my favorite piece and sent it to Will with the message “we’re going to see this when you get back!”

After the M Shed we walked around. We saw, about four Banksy’s, The first suspension bridge in the world, the longest crescent in the UK, a 360 view of Bristol, and some awesome ceilidh dancing!

Banksy #1

Rich-what? RICH-MOND!!

Banksy #2

Not a Banksy.

Banksy #3

My absolute favorite part of Bristol was when we went to the Canteen to see a friend of David’s band play. This band got up and started playing a ceilidh! Oh man, it might have been the best ceilidh I’d ever danced because there wasn’t enough space and no one knew what they were doing but everyone was so into it! It was absolute chaos! It was great! The band was really good. They also played some line dancing and some folk music and even some greek music. It was all great!

And that was Bristol! I had such a great time. I can’t wait to take Will there :)


7 thoughts on “Bristol

    • Amelia, thank you! That means a lot. I hope I did your great city justice. I absolutely loved exploring and definitely want to go back. There’s such a great vibe there!

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