“Good ‘Ole Times” In Oxford

I’m currently on a train headed back up to Edinburgh. I’ve said my last goodbye to Will and will officially start my “Less than 2 weeks” countdown on Sunday! Oh, my heart is so ready to be with him on a more permanent basis.

So, to distract myself, let me tell you about Oxford. After the company christmas party I headed on over to Oxford to see my favorite engaged couple!! Gilly and Elizabeth!! I hadn’t seen them since we went to Skye together back in June. Ugh, it had been too long. Needless to say, I’m so glad I got to see them! And our friend David, who now lives in Bristol, came to hang out too! It was  such a wonderful time!

I enjoyed my 36 hours in Oxford so much. My favorite bit was Saturday evening. We met up with two of Gilly and Elizabeth’s friends in a pub, ordered mulled wine and beer, and chatted the night away. We talked about everything from family to weddings (!!) to God’s callings on our lives… and it felt like “old times”! I have missed those moments.

I really am so grateful for these friends!


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