The Company Xmas Party (AKA: P-Diddy Style 2K14)

So, y’all might hate me but I’m currently in Venice… with my love! Yep, Will and I found this great deal on Groupon and jumped on the chance to go; especially since it’s drowning/sinking. We met up in London yesterday and flew out this morning. I can’t believe I’m here! It’s one of the places I’ve always dreamed of going. Eeeeeek!

But, I figured now would be as good a time as any to tell you about the company christmas party.

Remember last year’s work Christmas party?

Well, this year was no different. However, I did stay up later (1:30am!) and I enjoyed myself a ton more this year… for a few reasons: more people from the office came, I got to wear the same dress as last year, and my office won second place for business unit of the year!!

Also, the guys wore their kilts! I love kilts!

Note: none of these pictures are mine. I’m borrowing them from my coworkers and the photographer the company hired.

I’m so proud of us!!

The Edinburgh and Belfast staff

I’m pretty sure a Whitney Houston song was playing at this point.

This year was so much fun! Having more people from the office come down made it a ton better than last year.

It also didn’t hurt being acknowledged for all of the hard work we had done that year… on a stage… in front of everyone… with a professional photographer clicking away… while holding an award. I’m just saying ;)


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