Barcelona (1/3)

So, remember that time Will and I went to Barcelona after our month in Paris? Uh, yeah, that did happen and I’m just now blogging about it.

So, yeah, we went to Barcelona after Paris and it was amazing! I had been before but it was only for two days after a 10 day Mediterranean cruise with my family seven years ago. When we went my brother and I split up from my parents to rent bikes for the day to just ride around. The city seems like a blur from my memories but I distinctly remember how much I loved everything about Barcelona. The beach. The gothic quarter. The beautiful people. The sun. I knew I had to go back.

The second thing we were most looking forward to about Barcelona was Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia (first was the beach… duh!).

This structure literally took our breath away! We were both speechless. The lights, the images, the colors, the art, the intention. All of it. Everything about the structure has a meaning and a purpose. Even the shadowy parts of the ceiling represent something. It really is a stunning structure.

I’m really glad we saw La Sagrada Famila. Apparently, they predict that construction will be complete in 30 years. I predict a potential 3rd trip to Barcelona in 2044.

We also managed to see three more Gaudí buildings, though we didn’t go inside: Casa Batlló.

Casa Calvet

And La Pedrera.


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