A Distraction In St. Andrews

So, has everyone recovered from The holidays yet?! I didn’t think so.

Well, I thought I’d share some pictures from my quick trip up to St. Andrews back in November. I went to spend some time with new friends who were husband-less like me. I met Andrea in Paris this summer (her husband was doing the same French language scholarship thing as Will). When Will left they came down, with Liana and her husband, to distract me. It was such a fun day with all of them (I was soooo grateful for it) and we were already planning my trip up to see them!

I went up while the boys were away at a conference so I got return the distraction favor. I absolutely loved spending time with them! I got there on Saturday night so Andrea and I went out for some dinner and then off to a pub for some drinks. The next day consisted of brunch at The Balgove, searching for sea glass, cafe time, trying out new nail colors, home cooked dinner and lots of talking! It was a wonderful day and I was sad to leave. I wish they lived here in Edinburgh. Luckily, they’re a quick train (or bus) ride away.

That trip made me so grateful for having friends that are going through the same thing. Not just husbands going away for PhD stuff or what not, but for everything. They know what it’s like looking for work in a foreign country and trying to make new friends while missing the ones you left behind and making a new home in a new community. All of it. They know what it’s like because they’re going through it too.

This holiday season was riddled with loneliness and there have been times where all I can think about it how far away I am from my family. But being a part of this community has helped distract me from those thoughts and focus on the wonderful things around me. I miss my family so very much and that won’t change. But I’ve been so blessed to have so many precious distractions from that thought: wonderful friends who love me, a beautiful country I can call home, and my amazing husband (who has a gift for making me feel pretty through Skype).

I know that if I’m not in the same city as my family I will always miss them, but I thank God for the distractions He’s given me. They’re signs of how faithful He is and how He will always provide.


2 thoughts on “A Distraction In St. Andrews

  1. Jackie,

    I’m interested in learning more about this French scholarship Will is on? I would love to study abroad in France for a year. How do I go about getting more information?

    • The scholarship is through the two schools and it’s specific for students studying in Scotland to go to that specific school in Paris. There are a ton of language immersion programs you can do (It’s what I want to do for Spanish) but I don’t know about the scholarships for them. I’m hoping the next time Will does the program again this summer I’d love to have some money saved so I can take the class as well. I don’t know, we’ll see.

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