All I Want For Christmas…

I have a confession: I haven’t  been feeling the Christmas Spirit this year. This whole long distance thing has put a real damper on this festive season and I’m just not into it. There’s no tree up in our flat, no lights, minimal baking, and no Christmas music. If you walked into our flat you would not think it was Christmas. I did think about putting things up but I knew that the more “Christmas-y” it felt the more alone I’d feel and that I’d also have to put it all away by myself… unless I decide to leave it up for when Will comes back home in February ;) But seriously, I’ve been feeling very homesick and I just wanted to lessen all of that.

BUT, all of that is about to change! Today, after work, I’m flying out to Germany to go spend Christmas with the love of my life! It’s the only thing I want for Christmas: 11 days with Will to hold his hand, laugh together, cuddle up to him in the middle of the night, walk side by side down tiny German streets, escape the cold together in a cozy pub with some gluhwein, and wake up next to him every morning! It’s all I want: to be part of a couple again, with Will (… and a leather jacket… and a subscription to Birchbox ;) ).

These pictures are from my Minolta when I went out there in November for two and a half days. It was too short but it was worth it. He’s worth 6am tube rides and overnight buses.

I’m really looking forward to having more time in Tubingen. It’s not a large city but it’s charming and quaint and bustling and cozy. And the German language… beautiful! It’s a very impressive and underrated language. I enjoyed hearing it all around me.

So, since it’s Christmas Eve, and in Germany they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, I thought I would wish you all a FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!!


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