Expat to Expat: December

This past weekend was the Company’s Christmas party so some of us were flown down to London (yes, we were “flown down” just like last year’s party) for the party on Friday night and I stayed on an extra two days to spend some much needed quality time with my favorite engaged couple in Oxford! So, am I’m recovering from a whirlwind weekend here are December’s Expat to Expat questions. It’s about the holiday season and I figured I’d sprinkle in some iPhone photos from this year’s Christmas market.

Has your idea of the holiday season changed since becoming an expat?
It’s changed a little. I think that there are a few things here in Edinburgh that have morphed my idea of Christmas: like mulled wine and German Christmas markets! And Christmas in the UK isn’t that much different than in the States but it does feel almost more nostalgic in a way? And there’s no barrier holiday like Thanksgiving (i.e. my favourite holiday!) to keep all of the Christmas stuff at bay until December. New Year’s (aka: Hogmany) is really big here too and I like that.

How do you build new holiday traditions while keeping ones that remind you of “home”?
Our “home” traditions are pretty basic: eat and be merry! I do miss little things like my dad playing Salsa music or crowding on a couch to watch a movie or a Pernil roasting in the oven for a large Christmas dinner with our friends and family. The past two years have been much more… subdued, and that’s expected. I also feel like Will and I are still trying to figure out what our “traditions” are. I don’t know, ask me in five years!

What about you guys? Are there any family traditions you’ve started or have kept?


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