“Whoa, We’re Halfway There…”

“… Whoa oh! We’re livin’ on a prayer!”

Yes, and now you have that song in your head too. You have Jon Bon Jovi to thank for that.

So, this is the halfway mark of mine and Will’s time apart and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Well, as good as good can get when you’ve been apart from your best friend and life partner for 10 weeks and realize you still have 10 more to go. But I’m a glass is half full type of gal so we’re gonna go with a more positive twist.

Actually, I’m going to be really honest and say it’s been difficult to be positive about this. There are days where the whole countdown just seems so daunting and overwhelming to me. Yes, I’ve gotten through so many days and now the days left to go are finally less than the days gotten through but man, this is hard: really hard. How do people do long distance relationships? How do army wives say goodbye to their husbands like this and keep going? I don’t know.

There are days when the days left are just streaming through my head like the stock exchange. And then there are days when I’m walking to the store, or cleaning up the kitchen, or peeing in the middle of the night and the weight of how much I miss him just overwhelms me. Why is it the little things that seem to break me? The moral of this story is that life is much better with my husband and February can’t come soon enough.

Ok, on a more positive note: Will has gotten along so well with his hall mates that they’ve gone out to clubs and Will has been dubbed the “cool American guy with the awesome beard”! AND he organized a whole Thanksgiving feast with his hall mates! Seriously, check out the pictures his hall mate took and see for yourself!

I know, right?!?! They had a feast and Will organized it all by himself! That’s my man :) He’s also been busy with school and impressing people with his German and going to chocolate festivals and checking out pubs and everything!

I have been crazy busy. There have been brunches (the greatest meal of the day), tea dates, trips to Ikea, seeing friends in St. Andrews, checking out Glasgow for the first time (post to come later this week!), watching the Great British Bake Off with friends (with a GBBO party to suit!), dinners with friends, Birchbox, going to the gym, baking, shopping, and Netflix.

I had my very first eggs benedict @ Montpelier’s Brasserie for this girl’s birthday (aka: the best gym buddy in edinburgh!)

Birchbox sent me their October box to check out… um, I would gladly accept a subscription to this for Christmas!

My faves are the Staniac and the Dr. Lipp lip balm; but everything was really good stuff.

The Great British Bake Off (feast above and friends below)

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls!


It’s been a crazy two and half months; and with Christmas coming it’s just going to get crazier! But, come Christmas Eve I will be on a plane to Germany to spend 11 glorious days with my Love! Oh I can’t wait!


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