Café Love: Lovecrumbs

Will and I love going to cafes! We love settling into a cozy corner with our laptops or books and making ourselves at home with a hot cup of tea (or coffee of you swing that way)! Especially when it’s one of our favorites. So, with this love for cafes I thought I would highlight my favorite cozy cafes and some new ones I try out.

I’ll kick start this little mini-series with  Lovecrumbs! Oh man, oh man I looooooooove Lovecrumbs! I know I’ve said this a ton of times before but it seriously is my most favoritest cafe ever. With it’s friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, and delicious desserts it’s become my go-to cafe. I actually went there twice this past weekend to meet up with friends.

Lovecrumbs started off as two women who are bakers and decided to open up their own cafe (probably to show off their amazing baking skills). All of the staff are really nice and I love asking what they recommend. That’s how I got hooked on their lemongrass and marigold tea! Anything I’ve ever eaten of theirs has had me in dessert bliss. They make tarts, flapjacks, cakes, brownies, cheesecakes, scones, and other sweets. Their talent knows no limit.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, check out Lovecrumbs! You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and if you decide you need a whole dessert for yourself, they still take orders. They just need 48hrs notice. I might be ordering a rose and pistachio cake (pictured above) in the near future!!


10 thoughts on “Café Love: Lovecrumbs

  1. Hi there,
    My husband and I just moved here about a week ago and I found your blog through expat-blog. Nice photos you took ! I ‘d better try this Lovecrumbs place you recommend, it’s only five-minute walk from my place :)

    • You should definitely check it out! And if you have any other questions about Edinburgh, I’d love to help you out. This is a wonderful city and I just love it so much! maybe we can meet up for some coffee or tea?!

      • Hi Jackie,
        I’d love to meet up :)Do you happen to have some time tomorrow afternoon for some coffee and cake? Since last week, I have only visited one coffee shop near my place
        Have you been to this place? They have decent cheesecake as well.

      • Yes! Loudon’s is on my list of cafés to write about! I’m about a 10 minute walk from there and Will and I would go there A LOT. It’s a great place! I work 9-5 mon-fri but maybe Saturday morning?!

      • How about at 11am this Saturday? My husband would love to join too.
        Would you email me your mobile number , just in case ? I can’t seem to find where to send you email so I could send one photo of me so you would recognize.

    • Lovecrumbs is just the tip of the iceberg! Cafés are a dime a dozen and I only know a couple but am excited to explore more! I’m sure where you live has its own place that just has you coming back for more.

      • In my case, it’s Panera or Starbucks. I wouldn’t mind have a cozy place full of atmosphere like Lovecrumbs. Now if I could just win the lottery, I’d go to London or Edinburgh and whoop it up at the nearest tearooms! ;-)

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