The Big 3-0

Will update: Will got a tour of the library in Tübingen last week and hasn’t left! He literally told me that all he needed was me and then he’d be in Heaven! So, I’m glad to know I still beat out library mecca. But, seriously, Will has started his classes and so it’s helped to provide a little more structure and socializing.  And thank you, Will’s friends, for keeping in touch with him. You guys are awesome!


I’ve done it. I’ve stepped into a new decade… my thirties.

You know, I’ve never thought about my thirties. I had always imagined I’d go straight from 29 to 40 and be this wise and patient woman. Um, yeah, this is going to be a looooooong decade.

I will say that Will helped me to welcome my thirties the right way… with breakfast in bed and my happy birthday songs! And can I say that those hash browns were the freakin’ best hash browns I had ever had!

After breakfast there was second breakfast! My friend Olivia hosted me and some of my friends for a birthday brunch! And yes, this is the Olivia of “Olivia and James” and she is back from Africa! And I love love love having her back! And, yes, her and James are still dating! Go Team James!!!!!!

After the tea it was time for this year’s New College Women’s Tea.

After the tea, I met up with Will and we walked home together. Then, we got ready for dinner. A fancy dinner! We went to Kyloe where we had the best steaks we had ever had in our lives. Seriously, the. best. And those flowers in the back are sunflowers Will had arranged with the staff to put out for us. They’re my favorite: sunflowers.

It was such a wonderful day! It really was!

Ok, now down to some business… my 29 year old to-do list.

1. Run a race in the UK. I ran a 10k down in London for a company charity event.

2. Read some books. Let’s be honest, I’m not a reader. I’d rather watch it than read it #sorrynotsorry . But I did get through Anne Frank’s Diary and enjoyed it.

3. Learn how to use my sewing machine. Nope. No sewing was learned on my sewing machine that is now back with its rightful owner (it was on loan).

4. Better cooking and meal-planning. I think that’s up for Will to decide but I’m actually pretty happy with where I’m at in my culinary skills. And I’ve done a pretty good job of staying in budget but having decent meals to eat. Go me!

5. Be a pet owner. I don’t want to talk about it.

6. Get to know our neighbors and have them over. Well, I’ve met 3 out of 7 neighbors and when I offered to have them come over for Thanksgiving, uh, they didn’t. But I baked them all cookies and shortbread last year so I think they like me.

7. Improve my photography. I think I’m getting better but now I have a lot more learning to do. What do you guys think? Have I gotten better?

8. Learn how to surf. November is not the ideal time to do this, but that’s when we did it… and it was awesome! I’d love to go again. But maybe during a warmer time.

9. Make the flat more like how Will and I want it. I love our flat! I need to do a post on some of the things I love about it.

10. Knit something complicated. I made this ear warmer… twice!

So, there you have it. It was a productive final year of my 20’s. Bring it on 30!


8 thoughts on “The Big 3-0

  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had the perfect day to welcome 30. You’re gorgeous by the way, all of these pictures are great. Hope this year brings a lot of great things your way :)

    • HAHAHA!!! Yeah, I’ll get right on that ;) But, seriously, I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to be the “wise and patient” 40 year old I’ve always imagined myself to be.

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