Expat to Expat: October

Ok, it’s that time again to link up with other expats for Expat to Expat: What I am holding back?

How do your family and friends back home perceive your new life and is it accurate?

I can only assume that if all you read are my blog posts and Facebook statuses (statii?) my “new life” is probably perceived with a bit of a skewed lense. When we told everyone that we were moving to Scotland, the number one comment we heard was, “Oh, how exciting!”. Well, yes, it is exciting, and still is some of the time, but it’s also pretty normal. Europe does happen to be super affordable to get to and between my six weeks of holiday and Will’s student-like schedule we actually have the time to go as well. So, the travel opportunities are very exciting!

Rue Mandar, Paris

Do you find the need to edit your life from friends and family?

Duh! Living here has brought on some really cool opportunities but it’s also made life a little bit harder. We’ve had to make new friends, learn a new city, find a new church, live off of one income, and most recently, do this while being apart. I want so badly for people to see we’ve made the right decision so of course I’ll highlight all of the good things (i.e. month-long holidays and weekend jaunts around Europe) and then glaze over the bad (i.e. living off of a budget better suited for a 19 year old and  battling loneliness while Will and I are apart). I try to be as transparent as I can but that’s a fine line to walk.


So, there you have it. That’s what I’m hiding. Is there anyone else out there, expat or non-expat, that feels as though they struggle to find the correct way of being transparent with their life?


11 thoughts on “Expat to Expat: October

    • Yes, Betsy! That’s unfortunately true. I wish it weren’t, then it would be more obvious if it were the right decision, right. Thank you :)

  1. I definitely edit what I put out — and I think you sort of have to. Out of respect to your marriage and family and other relationships, the world doesn’t need to know about every detail of your life and struggles or even joys. Intimacy is important, too.
    I have a relative-in law that I don’t really know at all, but she reads my blog and she’s convinced that 1) I’m amazing 2) we would be BEST FRIENDS if we lived in the same town.
    Tom happened to see her at an out of town family function I didn’t go to, and he said she kept singing my praises. He wanted to say to her: you know, you don’t really KNOW Amanda, you know a curated version of her she presents on the blog.
    And while his response is funny (and SO Tom!) it’s also true!!

    • I love this! At least you know Tom is always there to bring people down to reality, right?!
      I will say that I love reading your blog because it reminds me of the three of us sitting on Lane’s bed gabbing about boys and such!
      Also, Amanda, you ARE amazing! Don’t play like you arent ;)

  2. Thank you for joining us, we are also on a one income student budget and I try to shy away from talking about it with friends or family because it is our choice and I do not want any pity parties but man is it hard sometimes!

    • Thank you for having me! It’s also difficult when you’re out with friends NOT in your financial situation and you don’t want to go beyond our financial means but also don’t want to make our friends feel bad. Ugh!

  3. I agree that I edit out parts of my life for my blog. I think my biggest struggle is deciding what people will actually find interesting enough to read. Hopefully as my blog and writing grow, it’ll become easier to distinguish between what to put on my blog and leave out!

  4. There is a pressure to represent things well, but also when you look back at your blog (which is also essentially a diary) what would you rather see? The bad stuff will get easier and pass, but at least you have a record of the fun stuff. Forget the rest!
    Saying that, it’s ok to admit that sometimes it’s rough & the fab thing about the expat blogging community it that we’ve probably been there.

    • Agreed! Thank you. It’s good to have a reminder as to why I’m doing this and for whom I’m doing this. Besides, the ugly bits are what make the pretty bits so pretty!

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