Parisian Summer (3/4)

My second week in Paris was filled with more food and lots of looking up! I could not get enough of the old shutters and window boxes and rooftops! There is a historic beauty to all of them.

Will and I also went record hunting. Just before heading off to Paris Will bought a record player from one of our friends and so he’s on the hunt to start up his record collection. The unfortunate problem with this is that Will already has records. A ton of records. But they’re back in the States. Do we buy another copy of something we already have? Do we go without? What do we do? I’m sure this is a common amongst expats; the stuff that you left behind. They’ve been kept because they’re important, but due to whatever restrictions that were in place (weight, money, space, etc.) we had to leave them behind. <sigh> First world problems.


4 thoughts on “Parisian Summer (3/4)

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