Parisian Summer (1/4)

Hmmm, where do I start?

Let me start with the fact that as I’m writing this post I’m still recovering from the torrential downpour and relentless gusts of wind that characterized our 20 minute walk home from church today. So, as I reminisce about the amazing-ness that was Paris, my heart is growing just a little bit bitter that I’m here (Edinburgh) and not there. But, there’s chili simmering on the stove (courtesy of my Love!) to help me get over it.

I digress. To fill you in, New College, The University of Edinburgh’s divinity school, has a close relationship with Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP) in that there are scholarships handed out every summer to a bunch of New College students to learn French in Paris for one month during the summer. This scholarship is enough to pay for the month-long class, one month’s worth of rent, and living costs (note: this is open to all New College students). Well, this year we were able to snag one of the scholarships, along with a bunch of our friends, and enjoy a month of Parisian bliss.

So, how was it? Amazing. Fantastic. Magical. Phenomenal. There was sun, lots of sleeping in, walks along the Seine, riding bikes all over the city, lots of eating. Scratch that. TONS of eating! You guys, I took gluttony to a whole new level on this trip. No joke.

Will and I found ourselves quickly settling in and feeling “at home” in Paris. It took us by surprise how easy it was to feel at home there. I don’t know if it was a month of (nearly) “free” living or the 100% increase in our exposure to the sun and delicious pastries or hanging out with our friends 24/7 but it was seriously the best holiday I’ve ever been on.


3 thoughts on “Parisian Summer (1/4)

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