Au Revoir, Paris! Hola, Barcelona!

photo love

Will and I decided to take the long way home… via Barcelona! (cue victory dance)

Actually, while we were figuring out our travel back from Paris we found some really cheap flights to Barcelona and jumped on them. I’ve wanted to go back to Barcelona for so long and I’m so excited to have the chance to do so!

The best part about this trip is that we discovered Airbnb and booked ourselves onto someone’s houseboat! We’re staying on a boat! (cue victory dance)

I don’t have as extensive a to-do list for Barcelona as I did for Paris but there are a few things we’re gonna try to do:

  • Lay out on the beach
  • Eat paella
  • See La Sagrada Família
  • Lay out on the beach
  • Eat seafood
  • Speak as much Spanish as I possibly can (“Hola, dónde está el baño? Gracias!” Yeah, that’s it.)
  • Go sailing (crossing fingers our host will take us out!!!)
  • Explore all of the tiny alleyways and side streets
  • Lay out on the beach
  • Check out a couple of Picasso’s and Dali’s stuff/art/hang outs/etc.

It’s not that much but we’re only here for four days so, obviously you can see where our my priorities are (beach! beach! beach!).


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