J’aime Paris


Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile

You guys, I love Paris! J’aime Paris!
I can’t believe I’ve been here for two weeks and still have a few more days left in this wonderful city!
So, to honor the rest of my time here I thought I’d share with you a few Parisian things I’ve found so that you too may be able to join in the love that is for all things Paris.

Sivana Skayo’s 6 Days in Paris
Secret Paris walks
Rachel Khoo’s blog (her new cookbook comes out in October… I’ve already pre-ordered mine!)
Pinterest for all things Parisian Chic (How do they make it looks so effortless?!)
Books to read in Paris
Language immersion is the way to go (And falling in love… I love young love!)
French Voguettes
Design Love Fest’s trip to Paris
10 Romantic/sexy things to do in Paris (It’s the city of love, people! Am I right or am I right?)
This really cool map of Paris
Obvious State (Formerly known as Little Brown Pen)
Paris vs. New York
The Londoner’s morning meander in Paris
Prêt à Voyager’s guide to packing for Paris


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