East London on Film

A month ago Will and I took a train down to London for a company outing. Yes, I got to experience P-Diddy style again. The Company was hosting a Family Fun Day and 10k race. They wanted to have a gathering where families could come and get to know each other so they offered to pay for travel AND friday night’s accommodation. Seriously, I could get used to this. I got to scratch my UK race off the 29-yr-old to-do list and use up my b&w film.

When we arrived Friday evening we dropped off our bags at the hotel (which, we absolutely loved!) and found the nearest Chipotle! Afterwards we discovered the cutest old pub in Soho, the Dog and Duck.  If you’re in London, go. Right now. Saturday was The Company Family Fun Day in Regent’s Park. It’s a beautiful park to run through. And by “run” I mean, walk because it was not get-fit-June and my body was hating me… and continued to hate me for several days after the race.

We stayed with our friend Daisy Saturday night in Hackney Central and explored a ton of East London that evening and all of Sunday. I loved seeing an insider’s view of the city; AND, in my eyes, Daisy is an insider  w h e r e v e r  she is. She always knows what’s happening and where it’s happening. She makes me feel cool just by hanging out with her. 

That evening we ate amazing vietnamese food (oh how I’ve missed pho!) and went to a pub that was filled with foosball tables! It’s called, Kick. Genius. And, apparently, I’m a foosball master. I’m putting that on my CV.

Sunday, Daisy and I got up to go to church at Hillsong London and then hit up some markets where I fell way below the hipster quota. What did Will do? Well, he spent the WHOLE DAY at the British Museum. That’s my genius husband, doing genius things like spend several hours at a museum.  AND he came back with tons of pictures on his iPhone of artifacts. He doesn’t take pictures. But I did get to see the Shabako stone and the Assyrian lion hunt reliefs from every angle. I love it when he lets his inner-geek come out!

While at this market I found Shanghai street-style dumplings! I don’t think you understand how exciting this was for me. In 2004 I spent six weeks in China and ate these all the time. It’s been nearly 10 years since I had one… I got two!

As you can tell, the weather was amazing, I got to see Daisy (and see a bit of her life in London), I saw a new side of London, and I got new sunglasses that increase my hipster-ness! Nothing but good things. I fell in Love with London that weekend!


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