It’s How We Roll

Will and I looooooooove sushi! So, when our amazing west-coast friends, Corey and Trisha, invited us over to teach us how to roll sushi we jumped on it like a duck on a june bug (<– yes, I looked that phrase up). This was great because the last time I tried to roll my own sushi I ended up making a sushi burrito; Chipotle would have been proud.

We made an ungodly amount of sushi… and then proceeded to consume said ungodly amount. Mmmmmm bliss.
Afterwards I continued to sip on my plum wine while the others broke into some whiskey. Trish also made dessert, Japanese cheesecake, and we all proceeded to inhale that as well while catching up on work, travels, family, church, and just all of life.

Will and I both enjoy spending time with Corey and Trisha. They’re so easy to be around and that’s really refreshing. They’re also among the very small contingent of friends who live close by and the idea of walking to theirs doesn’t make me want to cry.


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