Summer To Do List


My friend, Lauryn posted about her Summer Bucket List recently and it got me thinking that I want a bucket list too. Last summer was our first summer in Edinburgh so we experienced exactly how different a Scottish summer is to a Richmond summer; world’s different. I think that’s what makes the Winter’s so difficult here: there’s no real summer at the end of it. But, this summer is different. We have a ton of stuff to look forward to AND some things we both want to make sure we get to.

  • Go to a proper beach – and get a tan!
  • Take out my Minolta more
  • Go camping
  • Send out more postcards
  • Run a race – already signed up for one in June!
  • Read some of the books on my list
  • Have at least 5 picnics outside
  • See another castle
  • Go to more museums
  • Enjoy some of the Fringe Festival
  • Run outside more
  • Get to know Paris – we’re going to Paris for 3 weeks in August!!
  • Bag 1 Munro
  • Book at least 2 future trips
  • Get better at free lensing
  • Be the best host ever to our three guests – First comes Kat, then Erica, then Thomas!!

Not a bad list, eh?!
I’m sure you can tell which items are what we’re looking forward to (i.e. our guests and Paris) and which items are ones I want to make sure I make time for (i.e. more Minolta time, more reading, more outside time).
About Paris, I’ll expand more on that as the time draws near but that will have it’s own To Do list, for sure!
Are any of you guys creating Summer To-Do Lists?


6 thoughts on “Summer To Do List

  1. I just made mine a few weeks ago! Getting a little over eager… but you know.
    Love all the things on your list. Wish I could do some of these! Especially Paris. Ooh la la. <3

    • I must have missed yours… I’ll go back and look for it. Putting it all on “paper” got me even *more excited for everything!! I can’t wait! Loving your sailing pictures on instagram. Can’t wait to see them on the blog!

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