A Scottish Holiday: Glencoe

A few weekends ago Will and I had ourselves a little weekend away. I had been wanting to check out Glencoe and so when a LivingSocial deal came for a hotel in Glencoe I jumped on it. We hadn’t been anywhere in a while so it was nice to have a change of scenery.

At one point while driving through the National Park we came to a bend in the road (well, in Scotland there’s always a bend in the road) and it seriously looked like we were driving towards Heaven. Will and I both gasped when we came up to it.

Once we got to the hotel we dropped our bags off in our room (that had a king-sized bed!!) and walked out to the Loch and watched the sun start to set behind the munros.

Afterwards we walked back to the hotel for some drinks and dinner.

Saturday was our day to do whatever we wanted. We both love to sit and lounge but also appreciate exploring and seeing what’s out there. We also enjoy driving around, and if we’re honest, we’ve missed driving. There were so many things we wanted to do so we started with the most important two: breakfast and reading.

Afterwards we got in the car, stopped by the shop to pick up lunch stuff and then drove out. We found a small road that would take us into the middle of the national park so we took that for a bit. I’m pretty sure Will and I said “Wow!” fifty gazillion times through out that drive.

The loch (aka: lake) we reached was so serene. We were surrounded by a stillness only nature can provide. It was precious and overwhelming all at the same time. We thought we could easily climb up one of the hills to get a better view of the whole area but soon realized were were walking up a rocky bog. Yeah, we turned around.

Aren’t we cute!?!

We drove back to find a spot to have a picnic. We had looked up the Three Sisters and The Lost Valley earlier in the morning and thought that would be a perfect little walk. We quickly realized it’s not something to tackle any later than mid morning. Unfortunately for us it was well into the day so we couldn’t do the whole thing but it definitely left us wanting to go back!

It was absolutely gorgeous! That night we ate dinner and watched tv while sipping on some complimentary wine the hotel provided.

The next day we woke up, had breakfast, read a bit, then made our way back home.

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend! We got rest, explored a new place, laughed a ton, spent intentional time with each other. It was so important for us to have that time because shortly after that we hit the grinding stone. Will is now less than two weeks from his board review and I’ve started a big project so things have been a bit stressful. We would love to go back to Glencoe and explore more!


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