After our breakfast at Holywood we walked up Arthur’s Seat.

This is looking north to Ocean Terminal and the Firth of Forth.

Here’s looking south to the Pentlands.

I loved the sky that day.

After Arthur’s Seat we walked back up the Royal Mile to find a cafe to sit at for a bit.

We figured since Lauryn’s a Harry Potter fan we should probably go to the Elephant House. I do love this cafe. Despite being a tourist hot spot it really is a cool place to go. The food is pretty good and it has an amazing view of the castle.

After we walked back to the Royal Mile to get a couple of souvenirs for the Galloways to bring back home.

Then we started the walk home.

Oh, and I got a welly shot of mine and Lauryn’s Hunter boots!

We’re so artsy and cute.
After being at home for a bit we headed back out to join some friends to do a Ghost Tour; which was freaky. Will didn’t think it was very scary but I was in suspense the whole time. We walked underground into some vaults and the whole time I kept thinking of all the different nooks and corners someone could hide a body and no one would know. And it was cold and dark and echoed. Yes, I scare easily.
After the tour we went to the Bow Bar, one of Will’s favorite pubs.

Photo from Lauryn

The next morning Jared and Lauryn headed off to the airport to go home.  Will and I had so much fun with them. They’re so easy to hang out with and absolutely wonderful people. We loved sharing our home and our city with them. Five days was not enough. Not. Enough.


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