Yeah, I know that’s a really cheesy title for this but it’s about as creative as I get when it comes to this stuff. The original title was going to be, “Egg Decorating”. See what I mean? So, I just went with the cheesy.
Anyway, last night I went over to a friend’s flat to decorate some eggs. She emailed me saying she wanted to do something like this for Easter and since I hadn’t decorated an egg since I was 10 I thought, “Yay! Something to make me feel creative!” They invited me over for dinner and afterwards we got right down to it. Now, of course I was thinking we were going to decorate hard-boiled eggs… ehem, no. We poked holes in them, blew out the insides, and then nuked them in the microwave to make sure they were good to handle. Yeah, so, now I know how to empty an egg of it’s insides. Good friends are the ones that teach you something new ;)

Of course we had to take a break for tea and ice cream!

And there are our beautifully crafted Easter eggs!
It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The most complicated part, for me, was trying to figure out how to decorate the egg… like I’ve mentioned, I’m not very creative. I’m also not the biggest fan of decorations. I like them, but 100% content not having to deal with them. I’ve always viewed them as a waste of space because they only come out for their annual event and then stay put away the remainder of the year. To me, that’s pointless. Especially now that I live in a place where space is precious I’m even more hesitant to load up on decorations. But, I will say that being in a place where Will and I are still figuring out our own traditions has made me re-think my stand on decorations. I’m not saying I’ll be busting out an inflatable Santa this Christmas, but, it would be nice to still have these eggs and 7 years down the road while teaching my kid(s) how to decorate eggs I can also tell ’em how when I made these eggs I made Nathalie be a better mom to “Elib” (<– that one’s for you, Nathalie!).
Has anyone designed eggs before? I think next year it would be fun to do a Design*Sponge -esque affair, but maybe not charge $50. What do you think?!


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