A Scottish Holiday: Stirling

As I had mentioned before, Jared and Lauryn Galloway were here. They came all the way from good ‘ole RVA to hang out with us! We loved it! Seriously, it was great to spend time with them.
Jared and Lauryn arrived here on a Friday morning (booooooo flight delays) and we spent the weekend getting over jet lag… it’s not easy crossing the Atlantic; but they’re absolute troopers. Friday’s task was walking around the city, Saturday the Galloways went to Glasgow to see some of Jared’s family and we did a pub crawl when they got back, and Sunday was more Edinburgh. Then, on Monday we went to Stirling. Will and I had heard that the Stirling Castle was comparable to Edinburgh Castle so we thought we’d check that out.

I really love the colors of the front doors here.

I love seeing the flags at the entrances of castles. It makes me wonder what a visitor of the castle during medieval time must have thought when entering the castle.

The exterior of the Great Hall was plastered in a limewash called “King’s Gold.” It has this golden hue to it that really brightens up when the sun hits it.

Apparently Spring has sprung in this one spot only… no where else.

Lauryn doin’ her thang!

We stopped in the castle’s cafe to thaw ourselves out before heading back towards the train station.

I’m learning that America has very few original names… case in point. I’m pretty sure this one came first.

I love train rides!

I also love it when people take my camera!

And there you have our trip to Stirling with the Galloways!


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