A Scottish Holiday: Linlithgow

A couple of weekends ago Will and I went to Linlithgow with some friends. There’s a palace there and it was a great excuse to get out of Edinburgh. The sun also joined us!

Will and I used our Historic Scotland passes to get in and were blown away at the structure. I hadn’t even been inside Edinburgh’s castle yet so this was my first time inside of one. The stories that could be said about all that went on and work that went into not just building the place but also heating it overwhelmed me a bit. It’s a lot to take in when you walk into a building that’s older than your own country.

I’ll give you 10 tries to guess what they’re talking about… and the 1st nine don’t count.

I couldn’t believe how sunny and clear it was. We could see for miles!

We attempted to take some pictures and then headed out to the gardens for some lunch and to feed the birds.

Photo courtesy of Aubree and Luke

I think the boys texted each other in the morning to make sure they would all be wearing the same color scheme…

Afterwards we parked ourselves in a nearby cafe to warm up, fill bellies, empty bladders, and recharge. Then we headed back to the train station.

It was such a nice trip. Good to get out of the city. Good to hang out with friends. And especially good to see the sun. Oh how I missed the sun.


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