Free Lensing

Have you guys heard of free lensing? Yeah, neither had I until I was catching up on Leney’s blog where she tried it out. Here are my attempts at it.

Kinda cool, right?! Yeah, I know I have a long ways to go but it does have some really cool effects once one gets good at it. And yes, that’s Will still in bed… he’s my muse.

You can check out Leney’s attempts here and a couple of tutorials I read here and here.

And for all of you über visual learners, like me, here’s a video.


3 thoughts on “Free Lensing

  1. Ahh! I feel so special to have inspired you to do this!
    Love your first attempts! I need to try again soon/be better about incorporating it into normal shooting. It just seems so backwards and I feel like I’m going to break something when I do it…. haha

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