Pinterest Party

Do you ever look at your Pinterest boards and think, “I’m never going to actually make/sew/knit/paint/do that”? I do. All of the time. And I long for the time, space, and resources to do all of them. Apparently, I’m not alone. Some fellow pinners from church and I got together and decided we would have a Pinterest Party!
We had all three seen somewhere, on Pinterest of course, that groups of women were getting together and having Pinterest Parties. They would bring a dish of something they saw on Pinterest they had wanted to try out and bring a craft they had been wanting to start/complete. Well, it was amazing! It was really satisfying to be able to intentionally put time aside to do something we had all “pinned” and it was a nice feeling to actually have done it.

 Oh man, the food… let’s just say I made the men in my family very proud with the amount of food I consumed that evening! Especially the spinach macaroni bites Katy made: di.vine.

It was a fantastic evening! It really was. There was swapping of recipes and knitting and modge podging and sewing and over consumption of food and drink! Seriously, what about that doesn’t scream “best night ever!”?
What did I make? Well, some friends and I decided to combine our efforts to paint chalk strips on mugs for the annual student weekend away. Will and I didn’t go this year but we wanted to contribute in some way.

Oh, and I brought cookies and cream popcorn. Yeah, you read that right. I combined America’s favorite cookie with America’s favorite movie snack and glueing them together with melted white chocolate. God bless Pinterest!

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