Water Bottle Cozy Fail

I did it! I finally did the hot water bottle cozy project from Erica Knits! I’ve been eyeing this pattern for over a year now and have even had the wool for almost the same amount of time.

There’s Erica’s. Here’s mine.

But, this is a fail for a reason… it doesn’t fit my hot water bottle :(

Yeah, so now I’m looking for a small hot water bottle cozy. Will thinks I should unravel it and just knit a larger version. But, I unravel about 80% of my projects (because I’m that “good”) and I really don’t want to. AND, you can never have too many hot water bottles here: it’s free heating!
So, now I still need to make a cozy for my hot water bottle. BUT I’m very proud of my accomplishment. Go me!


2 thoughts on “Water Bottle Cozy Fail

  1. Hahah aww it’s so cute!
    I’m in the same boat. I’ve been eyeing that pattern for ages, even before I had a hot water bottle! In fact… I kind of asked for a hot water bottle for my Birthday just so I could knit a cozy for it…
    The life of a knitter I guess, right? ;)

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